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How to turn your ShoutOuts into long term partnerships
Date posted: 11/26/2020By: Nicole Smith
#How To
What’s more difficult? Navigating through the peaks and valleys of 2020 or landing a long term paid collaboration? The answer is obviously 2020 but we’re here to talk about the latter. Paid campaigns are definitely out there but the trick to acquiring one can be a long and often trying journey.... Read more
Become a Content Creator in 2020/2021
Date posted: 10/22/2020
By: Monica Tomas
#How To
As 2020 quickly comes to a close you may be thinking about how you will spend the last few months of the year; or how you will make the most of the up... Read more
The Most Up to Date Instagram Image & Video Sizes for 2020
Date posted: 10/18/2020
By: Nicole Smith
#Tips & Tricks
Instagram recently had it’s 10th birthday and if you’ve been on the platform for as long as I have, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes ove... Read more
How Creators are using Instagram Reels instead of TikTok.
Date posted: 09/21/2020
By: Nicole Smith
#How To
Let’s talk about Instagram Reels! This exciting new feature allows anyone with a public account to reach a global audience while creating fun and en... Read more
Why Influencer Marketing Is Your Best Marketing Opportunity During COVID-19
Date posted: 08/20/2020
By: vinod varma
#Tips & Tricks
With experiential marketing taking a significant hit - I explain why Influencers have the ability fill that void for Brands... Read more
How to GROW as an Influencer: First Steps
Date posted: 05/20/2020
By: Nicole Smith
#How To
Becoming a successful Influencer takes grit and it doesn’t happen overnight. So, are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work? Here are a f... Read more
Super Influencers: on a mission to rescue restaurants!
Date posted: 05/07/2020
By: Nicole Smith
#Influencer News
Here at ShopandShout, we take great pride in giving back to the community both locally and globally but we wouldn’t be able to do it without our won... Read more