TikTok has rapidly evolved into a powerful platform for brands looking to maximize their return on ad spend (ROAS). Recently, a webinar hosted by Klaviyo shed light on several innovative strategies and insights that can help brands leverage TikTok ads effectively. Keep reading for a summary of the key takeaways and actionable tips to enhance your TikTok ad campaigns.

The Importance of the First 6 Seconds

On TikTok, the first few seconds are crucial. Research shows that 90% of ad recall occurs within the first six seconds. Therefore, it’s essential to capture the audience’s attention quickly and effectively.

Entertainment First, Product Placement Second

TikTok’s unique environment prioritizes entertainment over direct product placement. Ads that seamlessly blend into the platform’s entertaining content tend to perform better. Use TikTok-native tools and trends to create engaging and authentic ads.

Memorability of TikTok Ads

Studies indicate that TikTok ads are 20% more memorable than ads on other platforms. This heightened memorability is attributed to the platform’s discovery-oriented nature, making it ideal for reaching new customers.

Optimizing Ad Spend with First-Party Data

With third-party data becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, brands should prioritize leveraging first-party data to optimize their ad spend. Using customer data from your own sources can significantly enhance targeting and ad performance.

Creative is King

Ultimately, the success of TikTok ads hinges on creativity. Brands must continually test and learn to create compelling content. There is no one-size-fits-all ad structure that guarantees success; good content is the key driver.

TikTok as a Discovery Tool

TikTok is increasingly being used as a search engine, with 41% of users reporting that they use the platform to discover new products and brands. This makes TikTok an ideal platform for attracting new customers.

Case Study: Teleties

Teleties, a brand featured in the webinar, highlighted their successful approach to TikTok advertising:

  • UGC Focus: Teleties gifts products to creators, particularly nano and micro-influencers, to generate UGC.
  • Ad Strategy: They emphasize the need for a well-maintained TikTok Shop, separate from the brand’s main profile, to effectively run ads.

However, they caution against diving into TikTok Shop ads if you’re new to the platform, as it requires significant effort and resources.

Final Thoughts

TikTok offers a dynamic and engaging platform for brands to connect with new audiences. By leveraging strategies like the TikTok Creative Challenge, focusing on entertainment, and prioritizing first-party data, brands can maximize their ROAS and build a memorable presence on TikTok.

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