Here’s how to get the most out of the Platform as a nanoinfluencer / aspiring creator!

Connect your socials and select your content niches!🔗

Connecting your socials allows you to opt-in to campaigns with minimum following/engagement rates – so remember to connect your social accounts ASAP for the statistics to load properly (this can take up to 48 hours) – Check out our help center article here if you are having trouble connecting your Instagram.

Selecting your content niches also allows you to easily filter through the collaboration hub to find collaborations that suit your page and interests!

Check the collaboration hub often for new collab opportunities! ❤️

Our collaboration hub is constantly updating with new campaigns, new brands, and new opportunities for our amazing creators – check back often to make sure to not miss any messages from brands or to not miss any new opportunities!

3️⃣ Check out our blog for tips, insights, and resources for creators! 📌

This is an obvious one if you’re reading this article but – our blog provides great insights into creator tips, as well as insights from our brands as to what they’re looking for when it comes to influencer marketing.

4️⃣ Tag us on Instagram and TikTok

Tag us in all your brand collab content to be featured on our IG story and our Weekly Creator Spotlights -this allows us to reshare all of your amazing content to our followers, and to do weekly features on our page!