The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, hopped on TikTok (of all places) to announce 4 major updates to the app’s experience:

  1. 90 second Reels
  2. Ability to import your own audio
  3. Interactive Stickers on Reels
  4. Ability to pin photos/videos at the top of your profile grid

Reels being extended to 90 seconds is nice, and the stickers are kind of fun. But, come on Adam. That’s all you got for us? Really? Have you not been listening to anything that Instagram users have been complaining about? Did you really think that a “pinning” update would be exciting for us even though that feature has already existed on other apps for a very long time?

It really seems like Instagram just does not get it, so we at created this list of 3 updates that we all ACTUALLY want.

Bring Back Organic Reach

The fact that Instagram had to go to TikTok to make an announcement about their app should be a major red flag. Even Instagram’s CEO can’t get views on Instagram? This means that something definitely needs to be changed.

For starters, let’s go back to the days when all of our followers actually SAW our content. We know, crazy concept right? Here’s another crazy idea: our feeds should mostly have content from people that we actually follow! Less “suggested posts”, less random trending Reels, and more of the stuff that we actually want to see. Even if the quality of the content isn’t absolutely perfect, let us see it!

The crazy thing is that this is exactly what Instagram used to be. But in trying to keep up with the current social media landscape, they completely lost their original identity.

Prioritize Photo Sharing Again

Photographers have been forced into becoming video creators on Instagram, which is a shame because it used to be photographers’ safe haven. When Instagram first started, they were the photo-only, mobile-friendly version of Facebook. At one point, Instagram always prioritized photography, no matter how many video-based updates were being built around it. But now, if you can’t create a far-reaching Reel, you’re basically screwed. To dismiss the content creators who made the app relevant in the first place is a horrible business move, in addition to just not being right. At this rate, it won’t be long before a better photo-sharing app comes along and takes away all the photographers who used to love Instagram.

Stop Trying to Be Like TikTok

Remember when Instagram basically destroyed Snapchat’s progress by adding their own version of Stories? That was some innovative stuff that let all the other apps know that they would always be the top dog on campus. That is, until TikTok came along and turned out to be too strong for Instagram to bully the same way they bullied Snapchat. Now Instagram has become the has-been senior trying desperately to be just as cool as the newer, better-looking, and more talented kid on campus.

Let’s be honest, Reels is nowhere close to being as good as TikTok. The content isn’t as good. The trends aren’t as good. The user-experience isn’t as good. Not to mention that the organic reach is so bad, it would be impossible for Reels to have their own version Charli D’Amelio’s. Instagram is failing so much to keep up with TikTok, that it’s not even a competition. So rather than threatening to change their entire feed to become video-only, they should stop before they embarrass themselves more.

The current state of Instagram should be a lesson to all content creators and business owners. Pay more attention to what your customers/followers want rather than what your competitors are doing! Here’s hoping that Instagram get’s themselves together.