loves giving back to the community both locally and globally but we wouldn’t be able to do it without our wonderful team of social superheroes! We are on a mission to help rescue restaurants!

Thank you.

Before Covid-19, many of you content-crusaders participated in charitable campaigns such as Share Your Table and Replant Amazon. Creators used their social media presence as a powerful force to do some good. Thank you for your support in making our world a better place. 

Now during the current climate, we have shifted our focus to support the restaurant industry and we invite you to join another amazing cause and help us rescue restaurants!

Restaurants across North America are experiencing the pain-points of staying open for business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, some have had to lay-off employees or shut down entirely. Others are fighting to stay open for safe takeout and delivery and we need YOUR help to spread awareness to new customers!

Your new mission: is currently offering free Marketing Campaigns to all restaurants and food delivery services across North America. By pairing establishments with local foodies like you, we can help drive more orders and gift card sales. So put on your cape once again Super Creator, it’s time for another mission…

All restaurants, chains, pubs, coffee shops, bakeries, etc, that are open for takeout and delivery are invited to set up in our Campaign Hub and bypass the payment stage. Once the Campaign goes live, you can opt-in to receive a meal and then create promotional content. Your mission: encourage your thousands of followers to order their next dish from the restaurant you’re supporting. 

By sharing this blog, tagging restaurants in the comments of one of our #TakeOutTuesday posts or sending your favorite local spot a DM, you can help spread the word of this initiative. Check our Campaign Hub regularly for new restaurants and your chance to opt-in and show some love.

Our Pokerrito Campaign was a hit!

We recently completed an awesome Campaign with Pokerrito, a Vancouver-based poke spot and want to celebrate these Fantastic Four Creators who showed their support!




Are you ready to take action? Let’s get your super posts up, up, and away!