Ok so “rewatchability” isn’t an actual word, but content creators know what we mean. Making videos that people want to watch over and over again is a very important key to going viral. In some ways it’s more important than reach or impressions. This is because in order for your content to gain a high reach count, it must first be appealing to initial viewers. TikTok and Instagram’ algorithms are prioritizing content that users are watching multiple times, so here are some quick tips on how to make your videos more “rewatchable.”

Keep Your Content as Concise as Possible

This isn’t to say that all of your TikToks and Reels should be 5-8 seconds long. But it is important to make sure that your posts don’t include any unnecessary footage or information. A good way to make sure of this is to be brutally honest with yourself as you’re watching your video over before posting it. Was there a part of the video that caused you to be bored? Did you catch yourself not paying attention near the end? This probably means that there’s a thing or two that needs to get trimmed. This way you’ll decrease the chances of users scrolling away in the middle of your video.

Make Your Content Two-Dimensional

Make it three-dimensional for that matter. The idea here is to edit in extra elements to your content, so that the user isn’t able to consume everything all at once. The most common way people do this is by putting in colourful captions or text. The user can end up being so focused on the pretty text on their first view, they’ll need a second view to properly watch the whole video. Obviously we don’t want to overwhelm our users. But adding extra pictures, sound effects, and/or text to correspond with your content creates a more dynamic experience that will make them want to stay.

Create a “Perfect Loop”

The editing effect that never gets old. If you don’t know what the “perfect loop” is, it’s where the end of a TikTok or Reel appears to seamlessly continue into the beginning of it when it automatically starts over. These videos are a lot of fun for users because they get to be in control of when the “eternal” video ends! If you’d like to learn how to create a “perfect loop”, here’s an article from Creator Handbook:

How to Make a Perfect TikTok Loop

Happy creating! We at Creator.co hope these suggestions will be helpful to your journey!