Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month, creating an opportunity for businesses to reach new customers. Running contests on social media with Creators is a great way to reach and engage your target audience.

For customers, giveaways are an exciting way to connect with a brand. The opportunity to win a contest motivates people to engage with your brand and allows you to stand out in comparison to other posts in your feed.

This article will explain Instagram’s rules on giveaways, dive into the benefits of giveaways and provide quick tips to ensure that your Instagram giveaway increases conversions. If your giveaway has the makings to be successful your brand can gain awareness, loyalty and trust from a larger audience than you could organically.

Navigating Instagram Regulations.

Your brand must be up-to-date on Instagram’s Terms and Conditions to avoid unnecessary or potential penalizations.

Luckily, Instagram’s terms for Giveaways are simple. Be aware that Creators should not tag themselves in your content or tag anything that is not in the photos and ensure that your Creators include a similar statement to the following example:

“This promotion is in no way associated, administrated or associated with Instagram, Inc”.

Once you complete these two guidelines, you are ready to reap the benefits of a successful Instagram Giveaway.

The Perks of adding Instagram Giveaways in your social media strategy

  1. Grow your following

To increase your company’s following, ask the Creator to incorporate a message to their post such as:

“To win this prize follow me (the Creator) and @yourcompany”

2. Fire up your engagement

Social media contests are a great way to increase buzz around your page and get new followers engaging with your content. As you will have a surge of potential customers scanning your Instagram profile, ensure that your page has captivating content.

3. Generate brand awareness

With giveaways you have the potential to reach new customers and demographics. You can double the reach of your Creator’s giveaway post by asking people to tag their bff or a friend below as a way to gain entry!

4. Save money on content creation.

As Instagram is a highly visual social media channel and photographers can be expensive often cost between $75 to $250 per photograph or hour. Instead, you can reuse your Creator’s giveaway posts on your feed. Before acting on this, first confirm you have permission from the Creator to use their created content on your Instagram.

Quick Tips to a Successful Instagram Giveaway

  • Be wary of having too many rules for your Instagram giveaway. If your audience has to jump through multiple hoops to register for the giveaway, the majority will not complete the giveaway entry. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and create a giveaway that is simple, easy and fun. Your Instagram giveaway should make your customer excited about the possibility of winning the prize. As a rule of thumb sign up process for your giveaway should take 45 seconds or less.
  • Be ready to boost successful posts with Instagram Post Amplification and turn your Creator marketing into product advertising. With some training, you can create a custom audience that targets location, interests, gender and age for your ads to reach with a CTA to the product’s checkout page on your website.
  • Set goals before the giveaway. Specifying your company’s goals will help determine what you want to accomplish in your social media strategy. Whether you want to increase your following or boost leads, changes Instagram giveaway’s Call to Action, prize, type of Creators you partner with and your overall contest.
  • Give a prize that represents your brand. The giveaway prize should be relevant to your company whether it is a bundle of products, free service, or coupon code. The prize should tell customers who you are and what you can provide them as a business. You want to choose a prize that is significant enough in value to drive consumer incentive to join the contest.
  • Don’t forget about the losers. Everyone that entered the giveaway is likely someone interested in your brand. Think about a strategy that will convert these leads into loyal customers. You could Direct Message them with a coupon code for the product or is there something else you can do to earn their trust and increase action.
  • Several successful brands like MAC Cosmetics and Supreme are leveraging Creator partnerships to promote giveaways. Partnering with Creators to launch Instagram giveaways can help build your audience, boost sales and increase brand awareness.

You can customize your giveaway campaigns based on your company’s goals and save money creating content.

When done correctly, giveaways can help you establish your brand on Instagram, cultivate a loyal following, and share your impressive products or services with a larger audience than you could organically.

Want to learn about some successful giveaways I’ve coordinated? Shoot me an email!