Despite what many people may believe, TikTok is not just a dancing app. It is for every age group, every gender, and every interest group. Absolutely everyone can get lost in the endless buffet of content that TikTok specifically caters to them. A simple search of your areas of interest would produce thousand of video results that have been viewed millions (if not billions) of times. Here’s‘s quick list of TikTok genres that you’d might not expect to be as popular as they are.

Lawyer TikTok (#LawyersOfTikTok) – 3.8 Billion Views

Times are changing. People are no longer looking to Google, Billboards, or TV Commercials to find a lawyer they can trust. Lawyers are notoriously media savvy, and TikTok has been added to the mediums that they dominate. So much so that their thousands of videos that use the hashtag, #LawyersOfTikTok, have gained an astounding 3.83 billion views and counting. Here’s an example of a video you’d find after searching “#LawyersOfTikTok” in the search bar:

Credit: @attorneymark

Food TikTok (#FoodTikTok) – 85.2 Billion Veiws

Without a doubt, TikTok is a food-lovers dream. 85.2 billion views worth of food porn that somehow stimulates all of your senses. Bayashi is an extremely successful food TikToker who on a bad day gets 3 million views on the videos he posts. Here’s a video that he posted back in March to celebrate reaching 23 million followers (he’s at 32 million now).

Credit: @bayashi.tiktok

Cleaning TikTok (#CleanTok) – 44 Billion Views

For many people, cleaning things around the house is an extremely satisfying experience. So much so that watching things get clean is their favorite thing to watch on TikTok. This has created an incredible niche of influencers who show the magic of their favorite cleaning products by using it in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. Here’s one on the most poplular “#CleanTok” videos which as of now has 43 million views.

Credit: @aurikatariina

If we tried to cover all the different genres of this app, we would be here all year. But go ahead and search for your specific interest, see what you’ll find! Chances are, you’ll be in on the fun that hundreds of millions of people are already a part of.