The NFT world is a wild and crazy place that’s booming with new creative projects. Amongst the most exciting new projects (including the Creator Passport NFT of course 😜) has been Logan Paul’s innovative collection called ’99 Originals.’ Yes, Logan Paul. The once disgraced YouTuber turned entrepreneur, turned boxer, turned Pokemon card collector, turned WWE Superstar. That guy is now a leader in the NFT space. And his new project is absolutely awesome.

‘99 Originals’ is a collection of 99 original polaroid pictures taken by Logan Paul over the span of 99 days. These polaroids are then turned into NFTs, and then at least one of them gets put up for auction every day on At the time that this article is being written, Original #64 (see below) is being auctioned, with the current bid being at 11.11 ETH (about $17,405.93 USD).

Our reaction to Logan Paul’s promo video for #64 RAINBOW ROAD

With these very engaging videos like the one above, Logan Paul has successfully made NFTs extremely interesting to his millions of social media followers. Many of whom are very casual NFT enthusiasts at best. Here’s a quick breakdown of how he did it.

Storytelling is Everything

Logan Paul has essentially produced 99 one-minute movies to promote his 99 original polaroids. Every single NFT has a movie-like story behind it which is portrayed in videos like the one above. It includes the main character, Logan Paul, who has to overcome some sort of crazy obstacle in order to get the photo within the difficult timeline that he set for himself. Sometimes the obstacle is the technical difficulty of the photo itself. Other times it’s trying to find a way to send a polaroid to space and back (see below).

And other times it’s trying to chase down Quentin Tarantino for a dream-come-true photo (see below).

Whether our hero overcomes the obstacle or not, the result of the conquest always results in a polaroid NFT. Now, when buyers look to gain one of these NFTs purchased on opensea, they don’t just want it for the asset itself. They want it for the story behind the asset. They want it because Logan Paul has successfully given meaning to it.

If this doesn’t convince you of the power of storytelling, nothing will. A polaroid of Logan Paul’s feet with an NYC skyline backdrop is not worth much. Until it’s paired with the story of disappointment and despair that Logan Paul felt after being ignored by one of his heroes. Whoever owns that NFT is now the only person on the planet who owns that particular piece of Logan’s lived experience. And as Logan’s star continues to rise, that NFT becomes more and more valuable.

Lessons Learned from 99 Originals

Here are the lessons in this for any influencer who still believes that NFTs aren’t for them.

1) Humans Want To Connect

The same thing that has made influencer marketing a success is the same thing that will make the NFT space successful. And that in that human beings’ need to connect. Whether it’s with people that we find interesting, or it’s with like-minded individuals, our need to connect with others is with drives all successful ventures in the digital space.

Influencers have a distinct advantage in this respect because they have mastered the art of gaining people’s attention and engaging with them in a meaningful way. Logan Paul is not the only influencer capable of creating movie-like content about something that he’s passionate about. Many of us do it every day from our living rooms. Once influencers learn that they can take the same skills that they use for product marketing and apply them towards NFTs, they will find the NFT space to be a lot less intimidating.

2) NFTs Are The Key to Creative Freedom

Logan Paul is many things, but before this project we did not know “photographer” to be one of them. As it turns out, he’s a very talented artist in that respect. Had he simply just started taking polaroid pictures and posting them on his socials, the video-based social media algorithms that we’re seeing today would not have been kind to that form of content. But by converting the polaroids into NFTs, he has tapped into a new form of artistic expression that provides an incredible revenue stream. If there are two things that every creator wants, it is artistic freedom and a great income. The NFT space goes above and beyond in providing those things.

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