You’ve decided you want to get into Influencer Marketing…now what? Arguably the most important aspect is the Influencer you choose, as they’re going to be both an ambassador and advocate for your brand. 

In 2020 alone, the global reach of Influencer Marketing grew by 57%. There is no doubt that Influencer Marketing works, but there are certain aspects that make it successful. 

Before even looking into the types of Influencers you want to partner with, set a goal for what you expect from this partnership. Defining clear goals prior to beginning a partnership will make it easier when looking for Influencers and when you’ve found the Influencer you want to work with. 

When you find an Influencer, ask yourself these 3 questions: 

1.Do they Align with your brand? 

The Influencers you choose are going to be an extension of your brand, therefore they should be an extension of your values too. Study your Influencer before partnering with them. Look into their audience, aesthetic, previous partnerships, and their copy – what do they stand for, and do those values align with your brand values and your audiences’ values?

2. Is there a shared goal? 

The best partnerships will always be mutually beneficial for both the brand and the Influencer. In an ideal world, you have the perfect product and the Creator has the perfect audience.  

3. Are they reliable and authentic? 

Again, study your Influencer. Living in such a saturated digital space has led to many Influencers buying followers or having inauthentic engagement. Discern whether or not they have authentic engagement and a reliable audience. Will your brand resonate with their audience? 

Remember, Influencers are here to partner with your brand – whether that be through boosting engagement or increasing reach, they are not employees of your company. The relationships you build with Influencers can impact how your brand is perceived, in more ways than one, – be sure that you are partnering with Influencers that resonate with your values and your audience.