Announcing the new partnership between Creator.Co and One Tree Planted!

We’ve all heard about the large fancy celebrity “Influencers” who boast lavish lifestyles on the gram and Tik Tok. But the Creators in our community are different. We focus on REAL people, with strong values who believe in leveraging their creative talents, and engaged audience to support brands they love. 

For Creators in our community, it’s the fulfillment of supporting brands they love while taking pride in their creative talents. Our Creators love delivering news about new and exciting products, events, services, and more. It’s also about the relationships they develop with the brands, the addition of a new product or experience in their life, and sometimes, payments (who doesn’t like money?). 

For Brands and agencies, it’s about building trust through authentic relationships with real people who would actually buy their products. Awareness, trust, UGC, and sales are all part of the KPIs, and Creator puts this process on autopilot for them so they can focus on running their business. 

Now, we’re taking this symbiotic relationship a step further. We’re making a positive impact on the planet we live on, while serving the Brands and Creators we love. With that – 

We are proud to announce that effective immediately:

Creator. Co will be planting a tree for every successfully completed collaboration on our platform, in partnership with One Tree Planted.

“We are proud to announce our newest partnership with One Tree Planted. This is something that I believe our team, 70,000+ Creators, and our Brand & Agency partners can share a lot of pride in. I’ve always wanted to incorporate an environmental cause in our business, and One Tree Planted made that possible. We look forward to growing Creators, Brands, AND Forests this year!” 

Vinod Varma, CEO

Over the years, we’ve learned what drives a successful collaboration. Our best success stories share these characteristics:

  • Create common goals between the Creator and Brand
  • Focus on solving a problem
  • Agree on a path to achieve goals 

We believe that the One Tree Planted partnership aligns with what we’ve proven to be key characteristics of successful Influencer campaigns, and we hope you’ll join the journey. If you’re already part of our community that’s great – all your recent collaborations will result in more trees on mother earth.

Not a part of our “green” Creator Community yet?

As a Creator, join our Community. Every collaboration you complete results in 1 tree planted by us! 

As a Brand, if you’re passionate about making a difference, and believe Creators can help grow awareness, build trust, and drive sales – sign up today to explore our features. 
If you don’t believe Creators can help grow your brand, schedule a call so we can show you how to make it work.