In episode 2 of our series CONVOS WITH CREATORS, Monty Lans sat down with the talented fashion designer and tailor, Justin Hayes, to discuss his incredible journey in the fashion industry. With over 300K followers and partnerships with major shoe brands like New Balance, Gola, and ADIDAS, Justin’s story is both motivational and inspiring. Watch the full episode above and keep reading for some of the highlights including Justin’s focus on authenticity, consistency, and persistence.

The Power of Authenticity

“When you see me on social media…I’m the same guy”

Justin’s journey truly proves the importance of authenticity in the digital space. In a fashion industry that often pushes trends and external pressures, Justin’s unwavering commitment to authenticity not only helped him build a loyal and engaged audience but also forged genuine connections with major brands.

Building a Massive Following

“You’ve got to show up, even if you only get 100 likes, even if you only get 5 likes, you’ve got to show up”

After having his Instagram account hacked and loosing his entire following, Justin had to build his community up from the ground up. Justin has stayed consistent with his content, and turned his platform into his personal magazine in order to grow his following to over 300K! By staying consistent and true to himself and his vision, he has been able to connect with a large audience who appreciates his unique style and creative approach.

Securing Major Brand Partnerships

“I wore a pair of shell toes and I remember tagging Adidas, and then the next thing I know I got a message from Adidas Brazil”

One of the standout moments of the conversation with Justin was his recount of how he has secured partnerships with renowned shoe brands like New Balance, Gola, and ADIDAS. He detailed the hard work and persistence that went into building these relationships. His advice to aspiring creators: show up, be authentic, and take your craft seriously.

Watch the Replay

If you missed the live session, you can watch the replay here. The conversation is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for creators at any stage of their journey.

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