The benefits of influencer marketing are undeniable, and most modern-day brands incorporate it into their strategy. However, something that doesn’t get talked about enough is how an influencer’s experience with the brand has an effect on the content they create. And I’m not just talking about their experience with the product itself. I’m talking about their interactions with brand representatives. The quality of communication that a brand has with an influencer has a massive effect on the quality of content that’s produced. With this being said, here are 4 important keys to keeping your influencers happy.

Communicate Often

Being a brand ambassador is quite a big deal for influencers. It’s very important to an influencer that they produce the best work that they possibly can. With this comes a lot of anxiousness. With anxiousness comes a lot of questions. And that’s something that the brand must accommodate. One of the worst things a brand can do to an influencer is leave them hanging for 2-3 days after asking a question about campaign details. Remember, these campaigns contribute towards these influencers’ livelihoods. It’s very important to them that they have all the info they need to do their job well. Answering their questions in a timely manner goes a long way towards doing that.

Give Clear & Detailed Instructions

If you want to eliminate the potential questions that influencers have, give them clear and detailed instructions at the beginning. All information that you have about campaign imagery, tone, posting, and compensation should be readily available to them, so that all expectations are being met on both sides. The brand should also provide multiple visual examples of they types of campaigns they like, so that the influencer can be very sure of what they should be striving for. If you do this, questions will be kept to a minimum, and chances for a successful campaign will be sky high.

Pay Influencers on Time

So all has gone well with the campaign, and the influencer’s post looks magnificent. The influencer has kept the part of the deal. Now, please for the love of God make sure to keep yours. Please, pay the influencer on time. As we all know, the most effective kind of marketing is word-of-mouth. The moment you don’t pay your influencer in the agreed upon time frame is the moment they talk bad about you to other influencers who might have considered working with you. Don’t gain a bad reputation amongst the people who can most effectively spread the word about your products. Pay your influencers on time so that their positive experience will turn into positive recommendations, and multiple collaborations in the future.

Give Influencers Positive Affirmation

If you like the work they’ve done, tell them. As creatives, many influencer have emotional personalities. A pat on the back goes a very long way for them. Why do you think they enjoy all those likes, comments, and followers that they get on a regular basis? It’s because of the positive affirmation that those things represent. If you give an influencer details of exactly what you like about their content, it will mean the world to them, and will ensure an even better effort from them on your next collaboration.

We at hope that this was helpful advice as you continue your influencer marketing journey!