Yes, TikTok. The app that your 14 year niece is obsessed with. That’s the social network that’s going to significantly increase your business revenue. Whether you run a start up, a Fortune 500 company, or anything in between, you have a whole lot of potential customers on TikTok just waiting for you to reach them. In many cases “a whole lot” means millions of users who are interested in the specific type of product that you’re offering. Especially if influencer marketing is part of your marketing strategy. Here is‘s list of reasons why TikTok is great for business.

The Right Influencers are Easy to Find

So what do you sell? Candy canes? Fantastic! Do us a a favor and search up #candycane on TikTok. The first thing you’ll see in your search results is that there are are thousands of creative candy cane videos on TikTok, and that they’ve been watched close to an accumulative 400 million times. No other social network can offer can offer that amount of organic reach with that amount of ease. Next, all you have to do is tap on these viral videos and check out the creators behind them. You’ll find that the follower counts of these influencers will range anywhere from 1000 to 6 million. This is because TikTok’s algorithm is unique in its ability to give huge viewership to all quality content, no matter how many followers a given creator may have.

This is amazing news for business owners. It means that you can find multiple micro-influencers within your budget, and still get significant exposure for your product.

Simple Videos can Go Viral

Sticking with our candy cane example, the top videos in the #candycane hashtag that have upwards of 10, 30, and 60 million views! The best part is that these top videos weren’t made by individual creators. They were made by the candy companies themselves. Turns out that the process of making candy is so visually appealing and satisfying, that a simple recording of how the candy is made can get you some incredible viewership on TikTok. With views come followers, with followers come customers, and with customers come sales. This may sound oversimplified, but on TikTok it really is that simple.

Word of Mouth Culture

“Where can I get this?” “Where did you get that shirt from?” “Ooooh that looks nice, how pricey was it?” These are all very common questions that are asked in the comment sections of many influencers across TikTok. TikTok has now become a happy medium between YouTube’s influencer ambassador culture and Google’s search engine. Users are now going to TikTok to search for information and products that they would’ve gone to Google for before. This is because there is a higher degree of trust that users have when the recommendations are coming from an influencer that they can interact with and relate to, rather than from a random online source. It’s essentially word of mouth marketing, but on steroids.

For more info on the ways TikTok can benefit your business, check out the the business page on their website!