What’s It Worth to You? 

Physical assets are essential to any business. Buildings, equipment, and hardware needed to get the job done, be it on-site or at home, are undoubtedly valuable to have, but what of digital assets? The value that digital assets bring to the table can be challenging to quantify. For those just reading up on Web3.0, NFTs have the potential to bring in opportunities for growth in the future as the digital economy continues to develop. Here are a few reasons why NFTs are just as valuable, if not more valuable, than some physical assets.

Physical vs. Digital

Can NFTs match the potential value that traditional purchases bring to the table? In some ways, yes. NFTs can provide more to the holder than what meets the eye. Some brands are adding philanthropic aspects to their NFTs or provide holders with exclusive benefits such as webinars, VIP events, and partner discounts. Depending on what the individual holder is looking for, an NFT can bring value in ways beyond original purchase. 

Take, for instance, the Creator Passport NFT that offers ongoing benefits to passholders. Utility NFTs, like this, are ones with use cases beyond being unique digital assets. They are NFTs that grant their owners privileges, rights, or rewards they would not otherwise be able to access. Our goal with the Passport NFT is to help empower our creator community to take hold of the opportunities to abound in Web3.0 and provide ongoing support to ensure continued success. 

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Unique Marketing

There are various creative ways to market one’s business online: social media, memes, advertisements, influencer marketing, and so on – but NFTs are a new and fresh form of creative marketing that brands are taking advantage of by tailoring the NFTs they create to their brand. 

There are dozens of reasons someone may show interest in an NFT. An NFT can tell a story behind a brand, it can speak to its values and mission, or it can be a cool piece of art to showcase. There’s something for everyone in this space. Knowing the motives behind NFT interest and, most importantly the ones of your targets is precious. 

In the world of digitally empowered consumerism, NFTs have significantly impacted the consumer market and will do so for years to come. Learn more about how NFTs drive brand engagement and opportunity

Scarcity and Authenticity

So, how can a digital asset be scarce if there isn’t a real-world supply of it? Blockchain technology is the easiest answer to this question. Essentially, NFTs are collector’s items that derive their value from the fact that the NFT is the only one of its kind. While the NFT is digital and can be copied and plagiarized, the counterfeit NFTs would be certifiably worthless, given the lack of blockchain documentation to prove their authenticity. Blockchain technology is able to prove an NFT’s authenticity by keeping a record of when the NFT was created, who created it, and all of the subsequent owners after the fact. By keeping track of each instance that the NFT changes hands, we are able to tell whether or not the NFT is authentic and thus its value on the market at any point in time. 

Second Time Around

Another thing that makes NFTs an increasingly valuable asset for brands and artists alike is the potential to make commissions each time an NFT that you created is sold between buyers and sellers, depending on the platform that you use to sell your NFTs. For example, NFTICALLY gives NFT creators the option to set a commission for their own NFT store on the site, allowing them to set a fee that gives the creator a share of the fee from both primary and secondary transactions. The ability to collect commissions for your NFTs varies from site to site, so be sure to read up on the site’s rules for selling your works.

Head Start

Last but not least, NFTs are expected to play a huge role in the Metaverse economy if and when it finally arrives. Essentially, NFTs are projected to be the basic building blocks that make up the Metaverse, be it avatar customization, virtual property, and more. By establishing your brand as a creator of NFTs, you’ll have a head start on the new economy that forms when the Metaverse becomes a widespread phenomenon, giving you a shot at attracting customers in the virtual world.

Partnership with Veritree simplifies the integration of restorative practices for creator.co

Creator. co, a socially conscious influencer marketing platform that unites brands and creators, has announced its intention to support reforestation efforts across the globe. The company has partnered with Veritree to restore biodiversity by guaranteeing one million trees will be planted in Madagascar in conjunction with the release of its Creator Passport NFT.

As the world increasingly uses digital technology to accelerate action on environmental action, blockchain is pushing to the forefront. While blockchain has been typically seen as having significant environmental impact, it’s now being used to induce change. Built using blockchain technology, Veritree is a fully integrated platform designed to transform the restoration space through technology. Its technology enables Creator.co to securely plant and monitor its trees, by linking data to each tree planted to verify and track progress.

For every Creator Passport NFT minted, Creator.co will plant 100 trees. Minting  summer 2022, Creator’s NFT includes exclusive artwork by a famous muralist, and is fully packed with real utility through the Creator.co Ecosystem. The NFT represents a promise to be different from the other NFT projects because Creator.co is focused on bringing social media content creators into Web3 while making a healthy planet a reality for generations to come. 

“Restoring the planet needs to be an urgent and collaborative effort. We celebrate Creator.co’s decision to join our e-community, taking advantage of this technology platform will help to revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and build climate solutions.”

– Derrick Emsley, CEO, Veritree.

“The environment is a real concern for our growing  community of over 150,000 Influencers,” said Vinod Varma, CEO, Creator.co. “Trees clean the air, filter water, and provide a safe habitat for wildlife. Reforestation helps rebuild forests after fires and floods, provides jobs for social impact, and restores biodiversity. For these reasons, it was critical for us to align our business objectives with driving environmental impact that will benefit our community for years to come.”

The Creator Passport NFT enables holders to receive an exclusive, personalized Creator.co domain and showcase their commitment to reducing environmental impact. Passport holders also gain access to exclusive Web3 features, priority access to in-demand collaborations, and entry into premier events, plus prizes, rewards, and educational opportunities to further grow and monetize their clout. 

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We’ll be offering an exclusive pre-mint discount to those on the Creator Passport NFT waitlist, join the waitlist asap before the discount expires!

About Creator.co 

Founded in 2016, Creator.co is the first automated collaboration platform for Brands and Influencers – built to inspire authentic branded content and increase social engagement for both Creators and Brands. Creator.co marketplace’s success is built on the premise that 92% of consumers trust advice and opinions over any sponsored advertising. Most marketing teams don’t have the time or resources to scale their Influencer strategy. That’s where we shine.

About Veritree

Veritree is a reforestation platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground project monitoring and blockchain verification, Teritree delivers tree planting data directly to businesses and consumers, improving transparency and trust, restoring ecosystems, revitalizing communities, and fighting climate change. 

Founded by Tentree, the clothing brand that pioneered customer-engaged tree planting, Veritree scales consumer-centric planting programs between planting organizations and corporations around the world. To date, Veritree and its partners have planted over 75 million trees. 

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