Natasha Samuel, keynote speaker at Social Media World 2022, is calling for all content creators to start telling the real-time story of their life or their business using Instagram Stories. From her perspective, Stories are Instagram’s best available feature to tell a narrative about your life and/or business in real time. And your audience will feel very special because they will have exclusive rights to it. 

Imagine if you were part of a small percentage of the world’s population that Netflix released a series to. Now imagine that you had a direct line of contact to the producers of that show. And those producers actually payed attention to your suggestions on what should happen in future episodes. Finally, let’s imagine that your suggestions were directly contributing towards the show becoming ultra successful! You would get feel like you played a part in the show’s actors, producers, and directors receiving bigger and better opportunities from other productions?

Wouldn’t that be an amazingly special experience? Well that’s exactly what every content creator has the ability to do with their Instagram Stories. In fact, Stories is actually better than that hypothetical Netflix experience because the time it takes to produce and distribute an Instagram Story is much much much faster than turning over Netflix content. We at will definitely be implementing Natasha’s advice into our Instagram strategy in the coming weeks.

In the first half-hour of her keynote, Natasha goes into full detail about how Instagram Story can become an invaluable tool in building an intimate relationship with your audience, and converting that relationship into sales. If you are subscribed to Social Media Examiner you can watch the FULL VIDEO HERE.