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Search, Analyze, and Connect with 250 contacts per month
  • $99 per Additional 250 Contacts
  • Manage unlimited brands
  • Industry leading deep insight reports included
  • Deploy unlimited campaigns
  • 24/7 Dashboard featuring...
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Manage Creator Relationships
  • Download & Amplify Content
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Community Driven

Put UGC on autopilot - no more searching, inviting, or negotiating. Pre-qualified Creators apply, activate the ones you want.
  • Over 80 thousand vetted micro Creators
  • Increased brand visibility through our newsletter
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Bespoke Campaigns & Services

Need complimenting services, or a customized social strategy? Let our Facebook Blueprint Certified team execute custom strategies that drive results.
  • Creator Missions & Shopping Hauls
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Ads
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"Naked Snacks has had the pleasure of working with Creator.co for seven months and we've been very happy with this partnership! They've helped us build our following on Instagram and increase our engagement. Vinod and his team have been fantastic to work with - quick to respond and always ready to help out in any way they can. I highly recommend Creator.co to anyone who's interested!"
john smith


What are tokens?
"Tokens are the currency that allows you to use our Creator search tool as well as activate and collaborate with Creators on your campaigns."
How can I purchase more tokens
"Click the “add tokens” button on the top of your Creator Search page to purchase tokens."
What are campaigns and how do they integrate with my plan?
"Campaigns are integrated into all plans under Creator.co. Each campaign will be drafted by you upon creating your account and will be reviewed by a Campaign Specialist before going live. "
How "dedicated" are dedicated campaign specialists?
"With your automated and bespoke campaigns, Campaign Specialists are here to ensure we can strategize the best ways to make your campaign as successful as possible. Some of the main ways we can do to optimize your campaign is by helping to compile creators best suited to collaborate with you, provide you with tools to make informed collaboration and campaign decisions, and give you ideas regarding the utilization of UGC created by your influencer partnerships."
Which plan should I choose?
"Choose a plan based on your marketing goals and budget. When meeting with a member of our Brands Support team, let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we will strategize and suggest the best plan to start with. "
How "limited" are the campaign specialists in the "Self-Serve" plan?
"Campaign Specialists will help to ensure your Campaign Preview is optimal before going live on the Campaign Hub. Once live, you will be able to utilize the Creator Search tool under your self-serve plan to search, analyze, invite, and activate Creators to collaborate with you. "
Can I get more campaings when I reach my max limit?
"You can launch more campaigns by speaking to your Campaign Specialist and Brand Support teams. This may involve upgrading your subscription but contact us at campaignsupport@creator.co and brands@creator.co and we’ll chat about the best course of action for your desired marketing goals. "

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