Here is‘s successful step-by-step process that we give to our clients on how to sponsor and whitelist influencer content!

How do you Sponsor Influencer Content?

1. Hit Sponsor once the influencer submits the content

2. They will receive an email with the instructions to either accept or decline the brand sponsorship request (Image of the email attached below*) 

3. Don’t forget to message the influencers on the dashboard chat that you’ve requested the sponsorship. And influencers to not miss out on checking the spam inbox. 

4. Once they enable/accept the request by you, the shoutout post/reel will appear on your Facebook Business Ads Manager where you will be able to create a campaign and define the amount and the CTA. 

5. Keep note that your Facebook Ads manager/Business page is linked with your Instagram page.

Log in to your Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Create a campaign as you would normally do 
  2. In the last step → Under Ad Setup -> Select Use Existing Post

3. Select Post → Branded Content

4. Here you’d be able to see the content you are able to post as a sponsor. For once you are not able to select are due to Meta restrictions. 

To Sponsor Reel: When you partner with, you get all the content rights and you simply download the video, use a copyright free music and run ads on the same.

How to Whitelist Influencer Content? 

  1. Information brand needs: Influencers’ Business ID 
  2. Log in-to your Meta Business Suite > Settings > More Business Settings
  3. Move to Users > Partners > Add – Ask a partner to share their assets

4. Once you add them as Partners you’ll have the access to their posts to add budget and create an add

We hope that these instructions were helpful! Please feel free to contact us if you have anymore questions.