LinkedIn has taught us many things but one of the most important lessons: the importance of connections. In this world, it really is all about who you know, not what you know. Micro-Influencers garner some of the greatest success for branded content because their followers engage with them, they’re invested in their lives and their content. While many bigger brands are wary when partnering with smaller Influencers, it is quickly becoming apparent that these Creators are the best to work with! But how? How are Nano and Micro-Influencers working with brands such as Ren Clean Skincare and Vitae Apparel – they’re reaching out and asking to collaborate!

We understand that reaching out to brands can be intimidating, especially since you want to make a good first impression. Below are our best tips for reaching out via email and pitching yourself the best you can. 

Standard Practices: 

We know you know how to write an email – these are just some friendly reminders and simple steps that often go overlooked: 

  • Subject Line:
    • Some businesses get thousands of emails a day, make sure your subject line has a clear CTA (call-to-action) and is eye-catching. Try using the following formatting: “Name – Platform – Collaboration Proposal”
  • Length: 
    • This isn’t an essay, but this also isn’t your usual DM. 2-3 paragraphs should be enough for you to pitch yourself, why you love the brand, and leave them wanting more. 
  • Tonality: 
    • Be you but also be professional! Who knows who’ll end up reading your email – could be the intern or the CEO. Be authentic, polite, authentic, and make the best first impression you can! 

The Pitch: 

  • Introduce Yourself
    • The goal should always be a long-term partnership, you want to build a relationship with this brand – show them your colours, let them know who you are. Explain your values and your strengths – how you really align with the brand. 
  • Stroke their Ego…In a nice way
    • Tell them why you love their brand and why you want to work with them. This is a chance to show them that you’ve done your homework and why you truly are the best fit for their brand and audience. Answer some of the following questions: 
      1. Do your values align with theirs? 
      2. Why do you want to collaborate with them? 
      3. What are your favourite products/services and why? 
      4. Why are you a fan of the brand? 
  • Data
    • Include a few powerful analytics on yourself such as your niche, audience, follower count and engagement rates, follower credibility, and anything else relevant to your personal brand. 
  • Media Kit 
    • You can create your own media kit to show off your analytics and your personality. Include any significant information about your experience as a Creator whether that be data, previous partnerships, or your best shots! 

Last but not least, thank them. Thank the brand for taking the time to consider you and end the email eager to continue the conversation. The brand may love you and reach out immediately or they might not think you the best for any current campaigns – the important thing is that you leave a lasting impression.