Despite Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s protest, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, has made it very clear that the platform will be prioritizing Instagram Reels over photos. This is a very frustrating reality for many Instagram creators. Especially creators who’s brands centre around photography and modeling. On top of that, Instagram seems to be having a full-on identity crisis. Their recent updates seem to be a direct imitation of their competitors such as Twitter, TikTok, and OnlyFans. This is quite shocking to witness, given how popular the platform became on its own merit.

However, despite all of our complaints, posting Reels appears to be the only way to stay relevant on Instagram. As a matter of fact, regular video and IGTV have been taken out completely. It’s just Instagram Reels now. I first realized this when I was watching Will Smith’s apology video, and noticed that the Reel was definitely longer than 1.5 minutes. I looked up at the timer and, sure enough, the Reel was almost 6 minutes long. When Adam Mosseri said Instagram was going to move towards video, he was not joking.

The good part about all of this is that now we know where we should focus our efforts when it comes to Instagram. Many creators, including the Kardashians, will have to change our strategies, so we’re here to help. Here are‘s quick tips on how to dominate Instagram Reels.

Post Videos that are Easy and Fun

You know those videos of yourself that you only send to private group chats? You know those lower-quality videos that you only post on your Story? Some of those videos would be perfect for Instagram Reels. Reels is obviously an imitation of TikTok’s “anybody can go viral” algorithm. Therefore, high-quality picture/video, and great lighting is no longer the priority. Relatability and entertainment is now the priority.

There’s no need to overthink what your followers will think is relatable or entertaining, because it really is quite simple: if your friends, family, and Story watchers think it’s entertaining, there’s a good chance your followers will think it’s entertaining as well. We know you’re probably used to the days when Instagram posts required a lot of hard work and care. But take it easy on yourself and post that silly video you’ve had saved in your phone for 3 weeks. Your followers will love it!

Use SnapTik before Posting on Instagram Reels

This website is an absolute life-saver. Especially for TikTokers. Instagram announced was that they would not be supporting videos that show a watermark from a competitor. This is a huge problem for those who download their TikToks and upload them onto Reels. TikTok is (unfortunately) very good with placing their watermarks in places where they cannot be easily hidden. But now, with the help of SnapTik, this issue has been resolved! Now all you have to do is paste your TikTok video link in their site, and your video without the watermark will be ready to download. Don’t miss out on those extra views and engagements! Make SnapTik part of Reels routine.

Post Daily

It used to be “less is more” on Instagram. Now it’s “more is more.” With the new age of video, the best way to build an audience organically is to go viral. And the best way to give yourself a chance at going viral is posting as often as possible.

Again, this is a serious mindset shift compared to how Instagram used to be. The happy compromise is to post fun videos daily, until you have a higher quality post that you’d like to feature. This way, you’ll still get the satisfaction of showing your followers a well put-together piece of content, while still making the algorithm work in your favor from all the videos you posted before.

We hope this helps as you continue your influencer journey!