One of the biggest reasons for the rise of Reels is the innate authenticity that comes with it. With still photos, many things can be hidden, exaggerated, or edited to project a certain image. Unfortunately, this has led to a culture of “perfection” on Instagram that many users feel is impossible to keep up with. As a matter of fact, many TikTok users have gone viral for expressing the relief they feel from not having the pressure to project a “perfect” image on the personal video-based TikTok. With this in mind here is our advice on how brands should be using Instagram Reels.

Humanize Your Content

When brands start to create an Instagram Reels strategy, they should try as much as possible to make their content less about the products, and more about customers’ experience with the products. These days, there are so many users and influencers who can express their enthusiasm for a brand in a way that would resonate with modern Instagram users in the deepest way possible. A brand’s Reels posts should be a reflection of that enthusiasm from real people. A good way to do this is to repost user-generated content that is of high quality.

Post Videos that are Easy and Fun

Many brands think too hard about every single piece of content that they publish. Is this in line with our brand values? Our brand voice? I the quality high enough? Meanwhile, you might have missed your opportunity to post a Reel that would’ve brought incredible awareness to your brand. Reels is an imitation of TikTok. Meaning that so long as the content is relatable and /or entertaining, it has a good chance of going viral. Perfectly branded content is no longer the priority.

There is also no need to overthink what your followers will think is relatable or entertaining. It really is important for brands to have fun while discovering what their audience enjoys most. We know you are probably used to the days when Instagram posts required a lot of hard work and care. But take it easy on yourself and post that silly video of the office clown pranking their co-worker. Your followers will love it!

30 Seconds is the Limit

The landscape of social media is well known for the short attention span of the average user. Even though Instagram has greatly increased its video time limit, starting with posting videos that are 15-30 seconds long is what’s best. As your following grows, they will be more likely to stay for a video that is longer than 30 seconds.

We at hope this advice helps you to absolutely dominate Instagram Reels!