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The Community

How do I sign up to be a part of the ShopandShout Community?
"It’s easy and free! You can sign up here"
Do you have collabs based on other social platforms other than Instagram?
"Coming soon: Twitter, TikTok, YouTube."
Why was I cancelled for a campaign?
"Brands can only activate a certain number of Creators each month. You can try again for their next campaign"
Does Creator.co offer paid collaborations and campaigns?
"Absolutely! Check the Campaign Hub regularly for new opportunities."


What do I do if my Giveaway Winner hasn’t received their prize?
"Please email london@creator.co so we can let the brand know they are waiting. Also, please allow up to 30 days for the brand to ship the winners prize."
How do I pick my Giveaway winner?
"That’s up to you! You can pick randomly or use an online number generator. "
How do I send giveaway winners their prize?
"The brand is responsible for sending the prize. Please submit your winners mailing information to your campaign dashboard."
When I opt-in, why does it ask for my credit card information?
"A brief hold for the retail value of the product is placed on your credit card to protect the brand from losing inventory and not receiving a ShoutOut in exchange for their gift. The hold is always released if you complete the Campaign or if your opt in gets cancelled."
When will my credit card hold be released?
"It is released after you complete your ShoutOut, if the brand decides to cancel your opt in, or 11 days of opting in with no action taken by the brand."
Where do I send my invoice for a paid campaign?
"Send your formal invoice via email to brands@creator.co and accounting@creator.co after your collaboration has been completed and scored by the brand."


How many followers do you have to have to join?
"You qualify to opt in to Campaigns when you’ve hit 1000 followers."
Why is it asking me to connect my Instagram account?
"In order to get approved by a brand, they will need to see your reach, engagement rate and audience insights."
Can I connect multiple Instagram accounts?
"No just one, but you can sign up twice."
How do I delete my account with Creator.co?
"Please email: london@creator.co to inquire about deleting your Creator account. "
How do I connect my Instagram account?
"You can easily connect here"
How can I change my personal information?
"Visit your account profile and click the Personal Information tab to edit and save "
Where do I submit the link to my ShoutOut?
"You can submit a direct link to ShoutOut through your campaign dashboard"
The brand nudged me but I have not received my product, what do I do?
"Please check the tracking link that the brand has provided to locate your package. "
Why was my score so low?
"If the brand feels that your content did not adequately meet the Requirements set in the Campaign Preview, this may result in a low score. Please reach out to london@creator.co if you’d like to learn more about how to improve for your next Creator.co collaboration. "

Campaign Hub

How does this work?
"Sign up for free and start collaborating with brands in your niche! Exchange ShoutOuts for free products and experiences."
How long does it take for a Brand to activate me?
"It depends on the brand. We encourage them to activate or cancel opt ins within 30 days before the opt in expires."
When I opt-in to a campaign, why does it say I don't meet the requirements?
"You may need to re-connect your Instagram account or update your personal information in your profile. This includes, age, location, and region."
Can I opt-out of a Campaign?
"Feature coming soon* Please email campaignsupport@creator.co"
How do I get my Ambassador Referral link?
"Go to your profile and click the Ambassador tab. "