How do I sign up to be a part of the Creator community?
It’s free and easy! You can sign up here.
Where do I update my personal information?
You can edit your personal info via your account dashboard.
Why do I need to connect my social media account(s)?
In order to opt in to our campaigns and be approved by brands, we require access to your social media data such as followers, engagement rate, and your handle.
How do I connect my social media account(s)?
You can securely connect your socials via your social account dashboard.
Can I connect multiple social media accounts?
At this time you can only connect one profile per social media platform, but you can create multiple accounts on
I'm getting an error when I try to connect my social media account(s). What should I do?
Please email to get help with your social media account connection.
How do I delete my account on
Please email to inquire about deleting your account.


How does this work?
Sign up for free and start collaborating with brands in your niche! Exchange ShoutOuts for payments, free products, and experiences.
Which social platforms do you run campaigns on?
We currently offer Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok campaigns. Coming soon: Facebook, Twitch, Twitter
How many followers are required to participate?
We recommend having at least 1,000 followers on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube but we also offer campaigns with no follower count requirements! Check out our Collaboration Hub and sort campaigns by reach.
Does offer paid campaigns?
Absolutely! Check out the Collaboration Hub and look for the 'Paid campaign' tag. You can also sort by paid campaigns.
When I try to opt-in to a campaign, why does it say I don't meet the requirements?
You may need to re-connect your social media account(s) or update your personal information. This includes age, location, and niche.
How long does it take for a brand to activate me?
It depends on the brand. We encourage brands to activate or deny opt-ins within 30 days.
Why was I denied for a campaign?
Brands can only activate a certain number of creators each month. Don't be discouraged - you can try their other campaigns or explore our Collaboration Hub for further opportunities.
The brand nudged me but I have not received my product. What do I do?
Please check the tracking link that the brand has provided to locate your package.
Where do I submit the link to my ShoutOut?
You can submit a direct link to your post or ShoutOut on your campaign dashboard. Click on the campaign to view and complete steps.
Why was my score so low?
If the brand feels that your content did not adequately meet the requirements set in the campaign objectives, this may result in a low score. Please reach out to if you’d like to learn more about how to improve for your next collaboration.
Can I opt-out of a campaign?
You may withdraw via your campaign dashboard by clicking "Withdraw" on the campaign you no longer wish to participate in.


How do I choose my giveaway winner?
That’s up to you! You can pick randomly or use an online number generator.
How do I send giveaway winner their prize?
The brand is responsible for sending the prize. Please submit your winner's mailing information via your campaign dashboard.
What do I do if my giveaway winner hasn’t received their prize?
Please email so we can let the brand know they are waiting. Also, please allow up to 30 days for the brand to ship the winner's prize.


When I opt-in, why does it ask for my credit card information?
A brief hold for the retail value of the product is placed on your credit card to protect the brand from losing inventory and not receiving a ShoutOut in exchange for their product. The hold is released when you complete the campaign or if your opt-in is denied.
When will my credit card hold be released?
Credit card holds are released after complete your campaign, if the brand decides to deny your opt-in, or 11 days of opting in with no action taken by the brand.
Where do I send my invoice for a paid campaign?
You can securely add your payout details in your dashboard to receive automatic payouts, or send your formal invoice to,, and the brand representative after your collaboration has been completed and scored by the brand.
Does store my banking details?
No. Our payment system is securely hosted through Trolley. For more information, see Trolley's Security Policies.
What is Trolley?
Trolley is the payment platform we use to securely facilitate payments from brands for paid campaigns. Learn more about Trolley.
How do the automatic payouts work?
Once you have securely added your payout details and have been approved for a paid campaign, you will enter negotiations with the brand. Please wait for them to send you an offer, then you may accept the payment amount or deny it and propose a counter-offer. Once you complete the campaign, the brand will initiate payment and the funds will be deposited directly in your chosen bank account. Please note, a 5% processing fee will be deducted from the final negotiated payment amount for all paid campaigns.