Limited edition offering, now 20% off, available for presale empowers content creators to mint, grow, and create to build brands and revenue streams.

Vancouver, Canada, August 22,, a socially conscious platform that unites brands and creators, today made its Creator Passport NFT available for presale. Creator’s Passport NFT is an immersive collection of 10,000 virtual art-inspired creators and purchase of this limited collection grants access to exclusive resources, brand deals, and real-life communities in the Metaverse and beyond. Creators who take hold of the presale offerings receive a limited time discount of 20% towards the purchase of the passport.

This digital art collection celebrates the diversity of creators around the world: photographers, writers, artists, videographers, influencers, brand managers, entertainers, and leaders that are changing the way we communicate with the world. The Creator Passport opens doors to a wide variety of benefits such as exclusive storytelling resources, top-tier brand collaborations, a creator resource hub, community discord, exclusive giveaways, and entry into premier events like’s NFT VIP celebration in Las Vegas.

“If you are part of the creator economy, redefining the world of influencer marketing and delivering unique and engaging content, this NFT was designed for you.”

“We believe creativity in all of its forms should be both celebrated and supported and we pledge to leave no creator behind as we journey to the Metaverse.”

– Vinod Varma, CEO, is committed to offsetting the carbon footprint for the minting of this NFT and is partnering with Veritree and Polygon to achieve this goal.  By allying with these environmentally conscious organizations, cements its focus on building the future of the influencer marketing community in Web3 while positively impacting the environment.

“Being a part of the platform has already provided  me with so many opportunities for partnerships and brand collaboration, and has given me the tools to create engaging content that aligns with my personal brand and goals,” said Brooke Leahy, Influencer/Creator. “The NFT will only enhance my future earnings by giving me early access to top-tier opportunities that will boost my visibility.”

“We’ve been noticing the giant strides being made in the Web 3 and NFT space and we think the market offers untapped possibilities for the creator community,” Varma continued. “With our support and knowledge of this dynamic environment, we can empower creators with the knowledge and tools that will guide them into the new evolution of the digital age.”

To learn more about how you can mint, grow, and create with the Creator Passport NFT and apply for the presale, visit here.