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I haven’t seen a ShoutOut Post from my Activated Creators- what are the next steps?
In the Activated Tab, utilize the nudge button to the right of the page. This will send Creators an automatic email that reminds them to post their content.
I have sent products but have not seen a post.
If you have sent products, please ensure you have submitted a tracking link in the Dashboard for Creators to refer to. If it has been more than 7 days since the package arrived at the Creator’s residence, please utilize the nudge button and reach out to the Campaign Support team if you have any further questions or concerns.
I don't like the Creators post. What can I do?
If a Creator you have Activated posts their content but you are not happy with it, please score their ShoutOut and leave them constructive feedback as to what they could have improved on. Remember, Creators see the Campaign Preview and Requirements prior to opt-ing into the collaboration. If you feel they totally missed the mark, reach out to the team and we can talk about the best solution and next steps.
Can I decline a Creator? Can I accept them later if I change my mind?
If you are still sorting through the Pending Tab in your Dashboard and are not sure wether to Activate or Decline a Creator who has opted in, first start by reviewing the Creator’s profile by clicking on their name. A card will automatically pop up where you will see Audience Demographics, Past Campaign Performance, and direct links to their social media account feeds. You can also dig deeper and utilize the Deep Insights Report which will populate a 10 paged PDF with analytics to aid you in your decision of whether to Activate and collaborate with the Creator or not.
If I accept a Creator, can I decline them later if I change my mind?
After Activating a Creator, if you wish to then Decline them for some reason, the request will go to a Campaign Specialist for review where they will then follow up with you regarding the request. Once Declined, Creators will show up in the ‘Missed Opportunities tab’ where you will be able to ‘re-invite’ Creators if you change your mind. Please note that the ‘re-invite’ function is subject to the Creator’s approval. If they do agree to the invitation, their name will populate in the Pending Tab.
The Creator didn't reply to me. What do I do about lost products?
In the event Creators are unresponsive after Activating them and sending them the product shipment or redemption code, reach out to your team and we will chat about the best course of action and next steps
Why is the photo tag on the Campaign Preview?
The photo tag is on the Campaign Preview so that can capture the Analytics from their post performance. The photo tag will not be seen on the caption of the post and is vital to be able to see analytics in the Brand Dashboard.
What happens if I send a Creator a package for a campaign and they claim they never received it? is not responsible for any shipment delays, mishaps, replacements, or fees. Brands are responsible for making sure shipments and redemption codes are sent at a timely manner, information is submitted correctly in the Dashboard for each Activated Creator, and is sent to the right location using the addresses found in the Brand Dashboard beside each Creators’ name. In the event the Address is missing for some reason, contact the team or DM that Creator directly to get their current address.
How long do I have to decide (activate/ decline) a Creator?
After a Creator opt’s-in to a campaign, the Brand has 30 days to Activate or Decline. After 30 days, the Creator’s application will expire automatically. This feature was built in to ensure the Creator is not waiting extended periods of time to hear back from the Brand regarding the collaboration.


How can I pay for my Subscription?
Pay for your subscription by logging into your account. Visit the ‘Account’ tab, select your plan, follow the prompts to complete your subscription. You’ll be able to upgrade at any time by visiting your Account tab. If you have any questions regarding your plan, contact and


A Creator has not submitted their Prize Winners’ information? What do I do?
If you are waiting for Prize Winner information, the Creators’ contest post may still be running. You may utilize the blue ‘nudge’ button to the right of the Brand Dashboard to remind the Creator to submit the information.
How can I send tracking codes and giveaway items?
Tracking codes and tracking links for giveaway winners will follow the same steps as for the Creators. Giveaway Winner information will be found under the ‘Giveaway Winner Information’ step and should be shipped their prize promptly. Best practice: Let the Creator know the shipment was made to the Giveaway Winner by submitting the Shipment Tracking link.

Token System

What are tokens?
Tokens are the currency that allows you to use our Creator search tool as well as activate and collaborate with Creators on your campaigns.
How much do I get from each token? Does the self-serve plan include unlimited access to Creators?
1 Token is worth: 4 Creator Deep Insight Reports 50 Creator Seach Result Unlocks An Activation for a Creator with Reach below 10k *2 Tokens to Activate a Creator with Reach above 10k Remember: Tokens do not expire and you can allocate the use as you see fit. Reach out to if you have any further questions.
How Can I purchase more tokens
Click the “add tokens” button on the top of your Creator Search page to purchase tokens.

Plans and Pricing

I do not have any more activations left. Why not? What do I do next?
If you do not have any more Activations left, that means you have reached your subscription limit. If you’d like to upgrade your subscription: - Log into your account, click Account, and update your subscription right from the Dashboard - Email and we can discuss the best option for your subscription
I need another Staff member to have access to the Brand Dashboard, How do I add them?
You can easily re-invite team members to the account Dashboard by logging in and clicking ‘Account’ on the left pane. From there you should be able to easily add your team members’ emails where they will be prompted to create their own login and password to
Can I change campaign requirements after I launch a campaign?
Changes to the Campaign Preview can only be made after the first month of the campaign has concluded. In the event it is a small change or typo, reach out to your team and they will evaluate your request.
How is “Automated”, and what does that mean for my campaigns? makes your Creator relationships Automated by setting up a step by step process for you and your Creators to complete and follow.
How do I amplify a ShoutOut?
You can also take advantage of the ‘Amplify’ feature which automatically sends that Creator a request and instructions on how to tag your brand as a business partner. Once the creator completes the outlined steps, you will receive a notification on your brands’ IG account to accept the partnership. Once accepted on your end, log into your Facebook business manager and select posts as you would if you were preparing an ad. You will see the tab titled ‘Branded Content’ and by clicking into it you can select that very piece of user generated content, and turn it into an ad. From here you can utilize facebook business manager tools, add trackable CTAs like ‘learn more’ or ‘buy now’, and ultimately place the creator content in front of your deal audience to drive conversion.
What are campaigns and how do they integrate with my plan?
Campaigns are integrated into all plans under Each campaign will be drafted by you upon creating your account and will be reviewed by a Campaign Specialist before going live.
How “dedicated” are dedicated campaign specialists?
With your automated and bespoke campaigns, Campaign Specialists are here to ensure we can strategize the best ways to make your campaign as successful as possible. Some of the main ways we can do to optimize your campaign is by helping to compile creators best suited to collaborate with you, provide you with tools to make informed collaboration and campaign decisions, and give you ideas regarding the utilization of UGC created by your influencer partnerships.
Which plan should I choose?
Choose a plan based on your marketing goals and budget. When meeting with a member of our Brands Support team, let us know what you are hoping to achieve and we will strategize and suggest the best plan to start with.
How “limited” are the Campaign Specialists in a self-serve plan?
Campaign Specialists will help to ensure your Campaign Preview is optimal before going live on the Campaign Hub. Once live, you will be able to utilize the Creator Search tool under your self-serve plan to search, analyze, invite, and activate Creators to collaborate with you.
Can I get more campaigns when I reach my max limit?
You can launch more campaigns by speaking to your Campaign Specialist and Brand Support teams. This may involve upgrading your subscription but contact us at and and we’ll chat about the best course of action for your desired marketing goals.