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How to Sponsor and Whitelist Influencer Content
July 15, 2022
By: Tunji Taylor-lewis
Here is Creator.co's successful step-by-step process that we give to our clients on how to sponsor and whitelist influencer content!... Read more
Why NFTs Are Just as Valuable as Physical Assets
July 11, 2022
By: Kayla
For those just reading up on Web3.0, NFTs have the potential to bring in opportunities for growth in the future as the digital economy continues to de... Read more
How to Get Paid as a Full-Time Content Creator
July 8, 2022
By: Gabrielle Quesnel
#Creator Economy
Monetizing content is not new but it is demanding and requires strategic decisions and foresight. Let’s walk through a very high level overview of t... Read more
Why TikTok is the New Google for Gen-Z
July 1, 2022
By: Leora Bloom , Julia Jin Roy
Although TikTok is mostly used for entertainment purposes, this platform is also quickly becoming the new Google for Gen-Z.... Read more
NFTs: The Future
June 27, 2022
By: Kayla
NFTs are most commonly known as pieces of digital artwork. However, they can come in virtually any form, such as animated GIFs, music, video game item... Read more
3 Reasons Why TikTok is Great for Business
June 24, 2022
By: Tunji Taylor-lewis
#Creator Economy
"TikTok for business? Isn't that the app my 14 year niece is obsessed uses?" Yes. And that's also the app that's going to grow your business.... Read more
Best Practices when Recruiting Influencers
June 17, 2022
By: Amy Guo , Janvi Singh
#Tips & Tricks
Our guide to make the tricky process of finding and talking to the right influencers a bit less tricky.... Read more
NFTs and Cryptocurrency: Let’s Break Em’ Down 
June 13, 2022
By: Kayla
Both NFTs and cryptocurrency technology are still a relatively new movement in digital consumerism. Both NFTs and cryptocurrency technology are still ... Read more
The 3 updates that we ACTUALLY wanted from Instagram
June 10, 2022
By: Tunji Taylor-lewis
#Influencer Marketing
Seriously... is Instagram even listening to us anymore? Stop being weird and give us the updates that we actually want!... Read more
Why "Likes" Don't Matter Anymore
June 3, 2022
By: Tunji Taylor-lewis
#Creator Economy
Ten years ago, "Likes" used to be the most important engagement metric, but now it's the 5th most important.... Read more
Creator Passport NFT Drop Supports the Planting of One Million Trees
May 30, 2022
By: Kayla
Creator.co partnered with veritree to restore biodiversity by guaranteeing one million trees will be planted in Madagascar in conjunction with the rel... Read more
How to Avoid Being "Cancelled"
May 27, 2022
By: Tunji Taylor-lewis
#How To
Being cancelled is every influencer's worst fear, but controversy is inevitable on social media. Here are some steps on how to avoid it.... Read more