Are you thinking of becoming a content creator? As 2020 quickly comes to a close you may be thinking about how you will spend the last few months of the year; or how you will make the most of the upcoming year of 2021. Considering the global pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in all of our lives, you may be in the same boat as most thinking ‘what do I do now’?

Possibly, you’ve scrolled through your phone looking at Instagram and Facebook posts binged watched Instagram Reels, Youtube, and TikTok videos. Maybe you followed the various North American debates on Twitter and even engaged by replying to Tweets. Likely, you have spent a big chunk of 2020 following and engaging with Content Creators across multiple social media platforms…have you thought of becoming a Content Creator yourself?

We have a community of over 50,000 Content Creators within our ecosystem and we are constantly growing. Collaborating with Brands and Creators daily; we can back up the ‘Tips and Tricks’ from and Hubspot and help you reflect on your desire of becoming a Content Creator!

Don’t be fooled, it is not an easy gig. It requires time, patience, organization, consistency, and authenticity; and before you create your first account, you need to consider:

What will your niche be?

What social channels will you be on?

What is your desired content strategy and how will you distribute content?

How will you grow your network?

These four questions just scrape the surface of starting your journey as a Content Creator – but with a little guidance and research, you can end your 2020 or even start your 2021 off on a great foot. 

What will your niche be as a content creator?

As a social media viewer, you are likely aware that the Creators you admire on social media have a consistent and specific niche where they are known. Finding your area of influence typically stems from both passion and experience. For example, if you’re passionate about traveling but have never traveled, starting a travel blog wouldn’t be best for you. Think of a realistic niche that you personally will be able to resonate with and grow with. 

What social channels will you be on?

There are a plethora of social channels that Content Creators thrive on. The most prominent social networks that Creators are thriving are Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. On the other hand, you need to ensure that you pick the right social platforms where audiences with interests within your niche are going to engage with you. For example, if you are passionate about the Beauty Industry and have experience trying out various Beauty products and decide to start your Creator journey on Facebook; you limit yourself to the potential audience you could reach compared to if you focused on Instagram. Think about other Creators in your niche and reflect on who is using each platform.

What is your desired content creator strategy and how will you distribute content?

Deciding on the format you will use when creating your content is crucial. Your content strategy or ‘aesthetic’ can make or break the success of your Creator journey. Be mindful of developing a balanced offering to your audience so you can remain informative and trustworthy. The 5-3-2 Principle: can help you build your content strategy. For every 10 posts, 5 should be valuable content written by someone else, 3 posts should be original and hold educational or informative content, and 2 should be personal posts about yourself. From there, you need to think about how and when you will get the content in front of the right audience. This is different with every social network and the type of audience you want to engage with. Do some research on ideal posting times based on your niche to make the most of your creative efforts.

How will you grow your network?

Debatably, this is the most challenging and most important aspect of being an established Content Creator… can help with your growth as a Creator. Creating posts that feature different products and services that resonate with your niche and audience will help you capture the attention of other Creators within your niche and open the door to a multitude of opportunities to grow your follower base. 

Like we said, being a Content Creator isn’t an easy gig, and maybe you prefer being a consumer; but with the right tools, guidance, and research; you can kick the feeling of ‘what do I do now?’ and check us out and to start your journey as a Content Creator.