TikTok queen and social media guru Rachel Pedersen recently gave a very insightful presentation at Social Media Marketing World 2022. Here were some of her main points are helpful to anyone who is looking to hack TikTok’s complex algorithm:

Start with Shorter Content

The landscape of social media is well known for the short attention span of the average user. It only takes an average of 7 to 8 seconds before users scroll. But Rachel has a very simple solution to this issue: start by making 7 to 8 second videos. As your following grows, they will be more likely to stay for a video that is longer than 8 seconds.

Use Hashtags to Attract the Viewers you Want

Many times, content creators fall into the trap of using hashtags that describes exactly what their content is about. A much more effective way to use hashtags is to use ones that your target audience is interested in. As an example, an influencer marketing company like Creator.co should put #corporatehumor in their caption instead of #influencermarketing.

Model Your After Different Industries

The worst strategy for making your content stand out from your competitors is to do exactly what your competitors are doing. Rachel doesn’t discourage the imitation of content styles. But, she does suggest imitating the content styles of companies from industries that are different that your own. As an example, an influencer marketing company like Creator.co could try copying the video/editing style of a fitness brand. TikTok is a great platform for trying new things, so just try different styles until you find something that works!

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