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Terms and Conditions
Use of this Site is governed by, and subject to, the legal notices contained in the Shop and Shout ltd. Terms of Service. Your use, or access, of the Site constitutes your agreement to be bound by these provisions.
Comments and Questions:
Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns, we value all communication from Site visitors, members, and partners. Members: membersupport@shopandshout.ropstam.com Customers: customerconcierge@shopandshout.ropstam.com General: hello@shopandshout.ropstam.com We hope you enjoy your experience and have fun supporting local businesses on shopandshout.ropstam.com. Saddened by the fact we must put so many legalities in a basic agreement, We hope our Site is full of honest, real individuals looking for a new experience online that helps grow their communities and gives them a little something extra for participating.
Effective Date: These terms are effective and were last updated on November 14, 2016.