Wearable Coach: Improve Your Tennis Game

By: NeuroTennis
Retail Value: $267.00
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Wearable Coach: Improve Your Tennis Game

By: NeuroTennis


Giveaway Campaign
$267.00 Value
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Age Range 13 - 50
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Wearable Coach: Improve Your Tennis Game


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What You Will Receive

Two NT200 wristbands for live-action coaching on all aspects of your game

Two access codes to the NeuroTennis app for iPhone or Android

Two replacement bands for smaller wrists

Two charging cables

Your Giveaway winner will receive the same bundle!


Train your brain, raise your game. NeuroTennis is a wristband that is unlike any other wearable on the market. It improves all aspects of your tennis game. It coaches you while you play. It has a unique 2-player system that trains you to move, prepare, and execute at exactly the right time so you can be more efficient and effective. Whoever said you couldn’t improve your game quickly never tried NeuroTennis.

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In your Giveaway caption, we would like to hear about your personal experience with NeuroTennis and how it has helped improve your game. Here are some key messages to include:

NeuroTennis works on all aspects of your game – mental, technical, and conditioning — and immediately changes the way you play.

By making good habit changes permanent, you achieve breakthroughs — no matter your level.

NeuroTennis is the only wearable designed to specifically exercise that all-important “muscle” – your brain!

This can also work as a one-player system with any ball machine!

Brand Story

NeuroTennis wristbands are managed with the NeuroTennis app (iOS or Android). Use our intuitive and powerful app to select drills from an extensive library designed by our world-class coaches, including Mats Wilander's, former world number 1, and winner of 8 grand slams.