VaxYes Digital Vaccine Card

By: Recreation Dallas
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VaxYes Digital Vaccine Card

By: Recreation Dallas


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$250 Value
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VaxYes Digital Vaccine Card


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Please visit to register for VaxYes, the only level-2 secured digital vaccine card, which allows vaccinated people the opportunity to officially store their card in their apple or google wallet, for travel, events, work, etc. in an easy to use, 3 step process. We are offering $250 cash for this post.

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VaxYes is a digital platform powered by GoGetVax that helps COVID-vaccinated individuals convert their vaccine cards into a secure digital vaccination certificate that can be used for traveling, attending live events, or returning to work.

In a few easy steps, people who have received the vaccine can safely upload their vaccination card to their smartphone, eliminating worries over misplacing a paper record during a time when public health and safety remains a concern worldwide.

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Lifestyle - This influencer was used to being on the go pre-COVID and is now ready to get back out. Getting vaccinated was important for them so they felt safe getting back to the gym, going to happy hour, attending events and traveling. VaxYes gives them an easy way to “get back to normal” with proof of vaccination within their mobile wallet.

Health/Wellness - This influencer works in the healthcare space or promotes healthy living/general wellness. They have a finger on the pulse of COVID-19 updates and know the easiest way to avoid illness is to get vaccinated. They recognize that getting back to normal will only happen if we do our part to get vaccinated and are prepared to show proof of that vaccination when needed.

Travel - This influencer shared everything about their travel experiences pre-COVID and is ready to schedule a post-pandemic trip since they are now vaccinated. With VaxYes, they’ll be prepared to show proof of their vaccination when traveling out of the country.

Brand Story

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across the country, providing a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved vaccination card is likely to impact the ability to return to face-to-face work, gathering in crowds, planning vacations, and more. Carrying a paper record is tedious – and the card is difficult to replace if lost. The VaxYes service provides users the ability to access someone’s verified vaccination record by digitizing the vaccine card and removing the stress of carrying and not losing the card.

Converting a paper vaccine card into a digital vaccine certificate is easy. All a user has to do is visit the VaxYes page of the GoGetVax website, input their phone number, upload a photo of their vaccination card, and receive their digital vaccine certificate. The VaxYes service is free.