Soft and Crunchy Training Treat Collection

By: Only One Treats
Retail Value: $60
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Soft and Crunchy Training Treat Collection

By: Only One Treats


ShoutOut Campaign
$60 Value
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Age Range 21 - 55
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Soft and Crunchy Training Treat Collection


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What You Will Receive

You'll receive a package of some of our highest quality, single-ingredient treats which include:

-170g bag of Pumpkin Training Treats

-170g bag of Peanut

-170g bag of Salmon

-170g bag of Beef Liver


Our fans LOVE our single-ingredient pet treats, and we know your followers will too. Our brand is totally focused on health and nutrition for dogs and cats that don't include a long list of ingredients or terms that are difficult to understand. It'll be clear right away that your pet can't get enough of our natural treats, and nutritious chews You'll receive a package of some of our highest quality, single ingredient treats.

ShoutOut Requirements

We'd love to work with you and think you'd be a great fit for our partner program! Our followers would love to see your dog enjoying their new treats, so here's what we'd like from you:

- Post more than once on your IG feed! They don't have to be back-to-back but since the package is so loaded with goodies we’d love to see more than one to be able to showcase everything properly.

- Make sure to open the packaging and capture your pet enjoying our treats! It’s one thing to see your pet with our products but it’s another to see them actually enjoying the treats inside. Including the packaging in the background with the logo visible if possible.

- Be sure to capture our treats in action! Learn a new trick, master an old trick, reward your pet on your walks, for crate training & good behavior. We want to showcase that our training treats as being more than just a treat but a tool for dog owners.

- Always be sure to tag @onlyonetreats in the photos and story posts so that we can share it on our socials!

- We’d love to feature your pet throughout the year! By DMing us the additional photo and video you took during the shoot we can add it to our scheduled content calendar and post more of your pet with credit back to your account for our followers to explore.


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Get creative! We want to hear how you use your treats with your dog, for training, rewarding, nutritional supplement, whatever and however your pup enjoys their treats best! Let us know how much you like the natural look and feel of our single ingredient treats, and how they support your pup’s natural and healthy lifestyle and diet. Always be sure to tag @onlyonetreats and add #onlyonepartner in the caption text. Please also avoid mentioning any other accounts or brands.

Brand Story

In an effort to provide pet families with good nutritious treats we decided to create our own, often single ingredient or very limited ingredient treats. Essentially removing all the unnecessary filler and bulk that goes into a bag of treats. We have also made a point to broaden the number of proteins that we offer so that our customers can have choice when it comes to their pets. Allergies, ailments, old age are all factors that go into pet parents minds when selecting good products. We are happy to be a part of that process.