Smart Baby Monitor

By: Invidyo
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Smart Baby Monitor

By: Invidyo


ShoutOut Campaign
$150 Value
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Smart Baby Monitor


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What You Will Receive

The creator will receive our product, a smart baby monitor.


Invidyo is a smart baby monitor and it has features like true cry detection, smart highlights, cry and sleep analytics that can help parents with a plethora of things, such as:

✳ Figuring out baby's ideal schedule for sleeping and feeding. The cry and sleep analytics will tell parents exactly when baby is getting overtired or hungry, so they can fix the schedule accordingly.

✳ The true cry detection will pick up on baby's sound over any other noise in the house, and send alerts so parents can attend to them immediately. We've had many parents letting us know how helpful this feature was for them for when they weren't around because they received notifications of their baby crying and were able to call the sitter to check what the problem was.

✳ The monitor will give an entire summary of baby's day, which parents are able to share with their friends or family. It also takes instant pictures whenever baby smiles or laughs.

Invidyo also has all the standard features such as temperature sensors, two way audio, white noise and more but the smart features are what really make it stand out from the competition.

Sure, it will give the peace of mind a parent needs when it comes to the safety and well-being of their baby, but it will also provide a lot of insight to baby's habits that will help parents come up with targeted solutions instead of second guessing everything!

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Our main goal with the visual content is to have a baby with the baby monitor in focus, preferably in a nursery or children's room setting.,

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Brand Story

Invidyo is the first smart child monitor that uses Artificial Intelligence to make parenting easier. Invidyo utilizes face recognition technology to identify the members of your family and send you alerts whenever an unrecognized person is seen. Invidyo also records a snapshot whenever your child smiles and generates ‘smile albums’ allowing you to cherish your child's happy moments for years. Invidyo compiles the most important moments in your child's day into a 2 minute daily highlights clip using facial detection, allowing parents to catch up with the most important events of the day in 2 minutes.