Sleep – A great sleep is just a spray away.

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Marz Labs® Sleep oral spray is a fully natural alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids. For only $1 per night, just a few sprays will help you get to sleep and have a restful sleep without waking feeling drousy or foggy.

Marz+® Sleep Spray with cherry juice, a natural melatonin, helps improve your sleep cycle. Get a restful sleep and wake up fresh, not foggy. Ideal for shift workers, managing jet lag, and those struggling with sleeplessness.

Avoid the harsh side effects of sleeping pills. Now there's a sleep aid that's natural, effective and requires no prescription. Most sleeping pills contain antihistamines, which can cause dizziness, weight gain and a dry throat and mouth.

INCREASE ABSORPTION: Sprays are in your bloodstream in under 5 minutes
MAXIMIZE RESULTS: Formulated by Doctors with over 20 years of clinic proof
GO NATURAL: Avoid harsh chemicals like binders, glue and fillers found in pills

All our natural sprays have been formulated by a team of doctors, scientifically designed to get results. Marz+® is recommended and sold in medical weight loss and nutrition clinics throughout the country. Backed by a 20-year clinical track record, Marz+® has helped thousands achieve their ideal health goals.

Other Benefits:
- Vegan, No Added Sugar
- Tropical Fruit Flavour
- Gluten Free, Soy Free, GMO Free
- No Nasty Chemicals
- USA Made and Family Owned
- Female Founded

Brand Story

Marz Labs is all about reinventing health and wellness with innovative delivery systems. We use the very best natural ingredients and couple them with the latest science to create - Cosmic Wellness. All of our products are characterized by:- Why Marz+®? • The leaders in natural vitamin sprays • Stop popping pills filled with nasties (glue, fillers, and binders) • Harness the power of plants: switch to Vegan and Cruelty-Free Sprays • Made in the USA from weight-loss experts and doctors with 20+ years’ experience • Sustainable and Eco-friendly – including packaging • Female founder, family-owned business • Giving entrenched in every sale (Buy1Give1).