Signature Collection: Dried Fruit and Nuts Box

By: Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts
Retail Value: $30
ShoutOut Campaign
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Signature Collection: Dried Fruit and Nuts Box

By: Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts


ShoutOut Campaign
$30 Value
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Age Range 25 - 50
Active Lifestyle Food & Drink Health & Wellness Home & Garden Parenting & Family
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Signature Collection: Dried Fruit and Nuts Box


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What You Will Receive

The creator will receive an Ayoub’s signature collection variety box containing four of our most popular snacks: Saffron Pistachios, Lime and Saffron Kernel Mix, Lime and Pepper Cashews, and Lime and Dark Chocolate Rocks.


The creator will get to experience a healthy yet tasty variety of fun snacks that is suitable for people of all ages! Most people have only had store bought nuts before, whereas ours are roasted daily in-house so they will be providing a whole new experience! Their followers will like that they are encouraging healthy eating habits and for anybody into food/snacking they will be recommending flavours they will never have tried anywhere else! (lime and saffron pistachios, lime and pepper cashews) It is a great box to have in your house for family movie night, parties and it also makes an amazing gift.

ShoutOut Requirements

The images should have a warm and cosy feel. They will need to give off the impression that this is a wholesome gift to give someone that is perfect for sharing. The colour of the food should stand out well.,

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This is the perfect gift if you are thinking of someone or if you just like to share. Mention there's 3 options and mention that the snacks are luxury/specialty and that we also offer a variety of other everyday snacks and home essentials.

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Brand Story

Since the early 1980s, Chef Ayoub has been roasting nuts to perfection, by hand with artisanal craftsmanship. 

There is an art to roasting a product using unique flavours, while maintaining a natural essence. Although the industry we are in has a rich history, and Chef Ayoub has always respected that, he has maintained a personal mandate to never stop innovating and to develop his own style.