Natural Baby Grooming Products

By: Rhoost
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Natural Baby Grooming Products

By: Rhoost


ShoutOut Campaign
$60 Value
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Natural Baby Grooming Products


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What You Will Receive

For this influencer campaign, you'll receive a gorgeous baby grooming kit that includes a bamboo brush and comb, nail clipper and super soft wash cloth. We also will send a second nail clipper and infant emery board set.


At Rhoost, we understand that taking care of tiny tangles and sharp nails can be a challenge, especially with baby’s delicate skin. That’s why we created the Rhoost Baby Grooming Kit – to offer a safe, effective, and natural solution to baby grooming. Hairbrush: Soft but robust bristles keep tangles at bay and hairstyles in tact Comb: Wooden comb gently handles tiny tangles and is great for cradle cap Nail Clipper: Easy to use on even the tiniest of nails Washcloth: Ultrasoft, making bath time soothing and fun 100% Cotton, Natural Bamboo, and Natural Bristles

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We are proud to carry the ONLY natural and eco-friendly based baby grooming kit. Please feel free to highlight in you post.

Brand Story

At Rhoost, our goal is to create products that help parents spend more time having fun with their kids, and less time worrying about them. Rhoost is committed to creating innovative solutions that are safe for babies, safe for the environment, and easy to use.