Snack Lovers: Reels Mission

By: Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts
Retail Value: $30
ShoutOut Campaign
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Snack Lovers: Reels Mission

By: Ayoub’s Dried Fruits and Nuts


ShoutOut Campaign
$30 Value
Instagram Reach 3500
Age Range 21 - 50
Food & Drink Home & Garden Parenting & Family
*Local region restrictions may apply

Snack Lovers: Reels Mission


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What You Will Receive

The creator will receive a product or a few individual products from our selection of hand-roasted nuts, exotic dried fruits and specialty sweets. The Creator will also receive a payment of $350. As this is a paid campaign, Creators will need to submit content previews for approval before posting to Instagram.


You will get the experience of making a fun Instagram reel using unique and visual appealing products. It will appeal to all foodies, healthy eaters and snack lovers and for people looking to incorporate healthy snacks easily into their daily routines. For example: using our dried oranges, kiwi and pomelo to make fun summer drinks/ cocktails or decorating a dessert or dish with some of our most unique products. Once you opt in and we take a look at what reel we think your style and content suits the best, we will give you further instructions on what you will receive and what we want you to do with it. The content can range from everything to do with outdoor snacks, pets, baking, gifting etc so whatever your thing is I’m sure there’s a way we can incorporate our products into it! You will post the reel on your Instagram using trending music and we ask you also send us the finished reel without any audio so we can repost it onto our own account.

ShoutOut Requirements

The reels must be quirky, engaging and things like transitions, closeups etc to keep viewers interested. They must be visually appealing and our products must be the main focus of the video. You can play around with colours and lighting and you can even use plain pastel backgrounds if it works best for the product that you receive.,

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Once we assign a reel project to you we will give you more information of what we would like to put in the caption.

Brand Story

Since the early 1980s, Chef Ayoub has been roasting nuts to perfection, by hand with artisanal craftsmanship. 

There is an art to roasting a product using unique flavours, while maintaining a natural essence. Although the industry we are in has a rich history, and Chef Ayoub has always respected that, he has maintained a personal mandate to never stop innovating and to develop his own style.