Press On Nails

By: She’s A Beat Beauty
Retail Value: $28
ShoutOut Campaign
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Press On Nails

By: She’s A Beat Beauty


ShoutOut Campaign
$28 Value
Instagram Reach 3000
Age Range 18 - 44
Beauty & Makeup Fashion & Style

Press On Nails


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What You Will Receive

You will receive one set of press on nails and you can sign up for our ambassador program to receive a commission percentage of any sales that you generate.


Hi lovelies! We hope that you will want to work with us! We are looking to increase our reviews for our press-on nails, so you will receive any press-on nail product of your choice priced below $27.99! We know that your time is valuable, but if you were already curious about trying press on nails this is a great opportunity and if you bring in some sales you will be rewarded with commission! Not to mention we sell other beauty items that your audience will love! And with these press-on nails if you apply them right you can use them again! Also a review MUST be left on website of product.

ShoutOut Requirements

We are open to a creators ideas, we just would like to make sure the press on nails are applied in the post. We would like for them to be shown in a fun way that shows there personality.


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We want this to be a natural post that rings true to you as a creator. We only would like for you to make sure to mention us and also provide a discount code that we will provide for you to your audience.

Brand Story

Hi there I'm just a average girl just like you working hard to continue to be an entrepreneur. I have left corporate America for 3 years and loving every moment of it. Sometimes we doubt if we can make it on our own but I am proof that you can!

So why She's A Beat Beauty and the products that we offer, we are all looking for a great deal on what we buy and we understand that you are no different. We love to get a good deal on anything that we purchase and that is why we do our best to do the same for you.