Personalized health tips based on your DNA!

By: LifeDNA
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Personalized health tips based on your DNA!

By: LifeDNA


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$99 Value
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Personalized health tips based on your DNA!


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What You Will Receive

Creator (who has taken a previous DNA test with either 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Living DNA, or Family Tree DNA), will receive a personalized DNA report to help you optimize your overall health.

The report will contain powerful insights on the foods you should (and shouldn't) be eating, the exercise routines you should follow, the vitamins and supplements you should consider taking, how to optimize your skincare, and more personality-based facts about yourself.


Creators will receive unique insights into how their bodies work, helping them optimize their health and overall wellness in ways they never could before.

We want you to be excited to try a new diet, exercise, supplement, or skincare routine based on your personalized report, and we hope your followers are excited to do the same for themselves.

ShoutOut Requirements

While showing a part of your report can be valuable, we want the posts to be more than just image and text.

Ideally, the creator will share some kind of goal they've been working towards, and speak to how their LifeDNA report is helping them achieve that.

Visuals of an activity - a workout, a recipe, a skincare routine, etc - are also great!


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We would love to hear your positive feedback on your DNA report recommendations and how it has made a positive impact in your daily routine and lifestyle.

First, highlight one insight from your report that aligns with something you know is true or have already discovered. (Ex. "The personality report says that according to my genetics, I have a high likelihood of being a morning person, which is definitely the case for me."

Second, highlight one or two takeaways that you will be implementing based on your report. (Ex. "My genetic report also showed I have a high gluten sensitivity. I've been avoiding giving up gluten for a long time but based on this report, I think I'll try a gluten-free diet for a few weeks and see how I feel.")

Lastly, we'll give you a custom promo code to offer 20% off to your followers. Please include with a link to the LifeDNA site.

Brand Story

LifeDNA is a Hawaii-based personal genomics company that offers personalized health and wellness reports, insights, and recommendations based on DNA. Our mission is to inspire people to unlock the power of their DNA so they can live healthier, more fulfilling lives.