Your quarantine boost of Clean Energy

By: QURE Energy
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Your quarantine boost of Clean Energy

By: QURE Energy


Shoutout Campaign
$31.50 Value
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Your quarantine boost of Clean Energy


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What You Will Receive

For collaborating, Creators will get to order a 12 pack of QURE Energy that contains a flavor of your choice: Wild Berry, Clean Energy, Peach Mango, or Citrus Lemon. The global pandemic has made shopping in person challenging so we want to show your followers how easy it is to order QURE Energy online! *This collab has a content review process to ensure content includes faces for a humanizing component. Please await Brand approval before posting on your IG.


QURE® ENERGY is simply: smooth tasting, pristine, clean hydration uniquely infused with traces of naturally- occurring ionic alkaline minerals, electrolytes, flavorful fruit essence with a powerful alkalizing pH of 9+ and a potent kick of 130 mg of natural caffeine. It’s super-refreshing alkalizing nature is designed to give you a clean boost of energy without the sugars, calories, acidity and synthetic chemical common to most energy drinks.

ShoutOut Requirements

Part 1: Screen record your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop to share with your followers how easy it is to order QURE Energy online (details for the site and redemption codes will be sent to you upon Activation). Post this as a video on your feed OR as a series of IG stories. Feel free to add your verbal commentary or fun energetic music to accompany the screen recording. Tag @qureenergy in all of your assets so we can capture the content.

Part 2: Then when your products are shipped to you, post a photo of you unboxing or enjoying your QURE Energy.

Be excited! We want you to be authentic and creative! Incorporate yourself and feature your active lifestyle and all the QURE Energy flavors in your content creation! Check out the Content Inspiration below to help your creative juices flow.


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In your caption, we request that you include this link: to entice your followers and encourage them to order and try it themselves! Please also tag @qureenergy as a Brand Partner when you post your content.

Please mention that QURE Energy is the only alkaline water designed to promote gut health and to give you a clean boost of energy with electrolytes without the sugars, calories, acidity, and synthetic chemicals. Talk about how you've incorporated QURE Energy into your active lifestyle!

Brand Story

QURE® Energy is pristine pure 9+ pH Alkaline Water with 130mg of clean natural caffeine for energy infused with the essence of flavors and electrolytes.