NeutraGreens Super Food Supplement

By: JAM Digital Inc
Retail Value: $49.95
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NeutraGreens Super Food Supplement

By: JAM Digital Inc


ShoutOut Campaign
$49.95 Value
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Age Range 25 - 50
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NeutraGreens Super Food Supplement


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What You Will Receive

The Creator will receive a one-month supply of our superfood greens supplement, Neutra Greens.


Over the past two years we've developed a new greens supplement to keep your body working at peak performance and helps you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. We're looking for people who are passionate about their health, wellbeing, and nutrition to try out NeutraGreens and see the results for yourself! Many of our customers have started adding one scoop to their morning smoothie every morning and have seen amazing results over a 30 day challenge, are you ready to experience it for yourself!?

ShoutOut Requirements

The post should feature the product and incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this campaign is to find Creators who are passionate about their health and fitness and the post should reflect that NeutraGreens can aid in living a healthy lifestyle.

The benefit that we want to convey is that eating enough leafy green veggies is hard and NeutraGreens can help you achieve that goal while making it easy for busy people.


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Please feel free to be yourself in the photo caption!

Some ideas are: smoothie recipes that incorporate the product, a 30 day challenge update, how busy you are and how NeutraGreens helps you, the mental clarity that a balanced diet affords.

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