Long Term Campaign Partnership

By: ZeroWater
Retail Value: $40
ShoutOut Campaign
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Long Term Campaign Partnership

By: ZeroWater


ShoutOut Campaign
$40 Value
Instagram Reach 20000
Age Range 21+
Active Lifestyle Beauty & Makeup Entertainment Fashion & Style Food & Drink Health & Wellness Home & Garden Parenting & Family

Long Term Campaign Partnership


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What You Will Receive

The creator will receive a new product per post over a 3-month partnership. The first product they will receive is a ZeroWater 10 Cup Ready-Pour. The following two products will also be pour-through devices but the exact product will be announced later in the partnership.

The total payment for this partnership is $500. Payments will be divided by post and made to Creators after each ShoutOut link has been submitted.


We want you to showcase how you incorporate ZeroWater into your family’s routine. Think of the activities that you do for your family that revolve around water, including staying hydrated, exercising, cooking, watering plants, caring for animals, etc. See content map for more ideas. Creators are required for 1 post and IG story per month. During the second and third posts we will share a coupon code that can be shared with your followers.

ShoutOut Requirements

1 in-feed post (no reels please) + 1 story per month. Creators will submit content previews for approval before posting. Please add @zerowater000 as a business partner, to your in-feed ShoutOut and allow business partner to promote.

Following the content road map below the Creator can choose one of the two main topics below and from there chose a sub-topic to focus on.

Life Style:
- How you incorporate water into your everyday routine
- Tips for drinking more water
- How your family benefits from water ( Baby formula, kids, pets, and plants)

Health and Wellness:
- Healthy Recipes (soups, oatmeal, bread, etc.)
- Hydration for workouts yoga and mediation
- Using filtered water to make all drinks better (Freshly squeezed juice, coffee/tea, smoothies/shakes)

IG Story Details (options/focus points below)
- Unboxing and taste test
- How Easy it is to set up and use
- Testing Water quality with meter (tap vs bottled vs filtered water)

@zerowater000, @creatorco.community

#ZeroWater, #LiveLifeAtZero, #creatorco, #onetreeplanted, #creatorsplanttrees

Key Messaging:
● Only ZeroWater leaves 000 dissolved solids, for the purest tasting water.
● ZeroWater is the only filter certified by the NSF to reduce both Lead and Chromium 6.
● ZeroWater has a premium 5-stage filter versus the standard conventional 2-stage filter used by otherbrands.

Brand Story

ZeroWater is a water filtration company that designs and creates products and technologies that filter out dissolved solids from your tap water. With ZeroWater you can enjoy the purest tasting water with the latest advanced ion exchange filter technology. The ZeroWater filtration system combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water, delivering the purest tasting water. ZeroWater is the only pour-through filters on the market certified by the NSF to reduce lead and chromium 6.