Liquid Multivitamin

The DLMD Retail Value: $135 USD

What You Will Receive

DLMD is a liquid multivitamin made with 13 vitamins, 5 minerals and 1 bioflavonoid. Developed by a doctor after her experience of trying to take +10 supplements a day, she felt that there had to be a better way to support your health!

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DL.MD is a liquid vitamin for maximum absorption.

It is EASY to take.
1 teaspoon a day--one or twice a day depending on your diet and how you are feeling--that can be easily measured with the cap and taken immediately! With or with out food. Refrigerated or not. You choose how it works best to take it.

Fast and Furious.
We choose liquid because liquids supplements are 98% absorbable. Compared to pills or gummies that are only 3-20% absorbable. So if your multivitamin isn't working, it is because you are body is not taking in all the benefits. With 13 vitamins (some which are bioavailable!), 5 minerals (which help aid the absorption of vitamins) and 1 bioflavonoid (which are the orange specs you see in the liquid that come from citrus peels to aid in the action of Vitamin C).

No Nasties.
Made with out artificial colorants or flavors, no fillers. Gluten free and preservative free. Why? Because our bottle is made of violet miron glass which is well-known to store it's contents fresh for more than 2 years.

Every bottle gives back.
For every bottle sold we donate to the Helen Keller Internationalʼs vitamin A supplementation for children around the world to prevent childhood blindness and save lives.

Brand Story

DL.MD is a radical departure from the status quo and dedicated to bringing you wellness solutions for optimal health. Developed by Dr. Lamees Hamdan, a medical doctor with a lifelong passion for healing the body from within and nutrition for optimal health. She is passionate about finding natural solutions and has been creating organic products since 2004.