Gatsby App Youtube Sponsor

By: Gatsby
Retail Value: $200
ShoutOut Campaign
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Gatsby App Youtube Sponsor

By: Gatsby


ShoutOut Campaign
$200 Value
Subscribers 5000
Age Range 13 - 50

Gatsby App Youtube Sponsor


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What You Will Receive

Creator will receive $200 for featuring the Gatsby app on their YouTube video. The YouTuber will mention the Gatsby app during the video as a sponsor and explain to viewers how the YouTuber uses the app to find shows/movies to watch.


We found two problems. The first problem was when looking for something to watch, we had a hard time finding where to watch the show. Second issue was finding something worthwhile watching.

That's where the Gatsby app comes in.

We decided to create an app to help millions of other people around the world find shows worth watching as well as finding out what streaming services provide it too.

The Gatsby app also allows users to recommend each-other things to watch, make friends and see what they're currently watching too!

ShoutOut Requirements

The creator would find the best opportunity to feature the Gatsby app within their video.

We would like the creator to briefly talk about what the Gatsby app is and how it benefits them. The creator will show viewers on their phone how to use the app. This can be by showing their viewers what film they recently watched from the help of the Gatsby app and recommending it to a friend after.

The creator will then mention to their viewers how they can interact with them by adding them as a friend to see what they're currently watching and to recommend each-other movies/shows to watch.

None Required

None Required

The caption needs to include a download link for the Gatsby app in the Youtube video description. But we'll allow the creator the freedom to implement it the way they'd like.

Brand Story

Gatsby is a new platform for creators to monetize their existing audiences. Instragram is a place where you can show your followers what you do, Twitter is a place where you can show your followers what you think, and Gatsby is a place where you can show your followers what you watch.