Fidelis R&B Song: Sinner

By: Chaos Club Records Inc
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ShoutOut Campaign
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Fidelis R&B Song: Sinner

By: Chaos Club Records Inc


ShoutOut Campaign
$1 Value
Instagram Reach 6000
Age Range 18 - 32
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Fidelis R&B Song: Sinner


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You will receive a payment for a ShoutOut for this R&B song!


We are looking for you to show us your take on Fidelis' new song "Sinner". We have a range of pricing available depending on content type from stories to reels to posts. Please get in touch with us should you be interested in producing one of the above!

For more information please listen to "Sinner" here:

And read the press release here:

ShoutOut Requirements

Looking for organic and authentic shares of the music, portraying how you normally spend a day. We want to avoid any overt promotion and have natural tags and content to supplement this R&B song.



We want the caption to be organic to you! If you feel like shouting out the song in the caption go for it, all we ask is that regardless you tag @fid.elis and use the hashtag #yoursinner

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