Elderberry Hair Gummies

By: heyhair
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Elderberry Hair Gummies

By: heyhair


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$96 Value
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Elderberry Hair Gummies


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What You Will Receive

Creator will receive 3 months' worth of heyhair's Elderberry Hair Gummies.


heyhair is a company dedicated to helping men and women keep more hair, without side effects. We have a great selection of hair growth and hair care supplements to add to individuals existing daily hair care routines.

50% of an individual's hair may be lost before it's even noticeable. Missing these easy signs of hair loss is a common mistake. Even if you have a head full of hair, keeping and maintaining that is imperative.

Followers will resonate with a non-pharmaceutical approach to hair growth and/or hair care. All supplements are 100% natural with organic ingredients. We have many other supplements available, all with varying specific benefits for hair, skin, and nails.

As part of this campaign, heyhair will provide the creator with 3 months' worth of Elderberry Gummies. This supplement was created for the following benefits:

- Vitamin C, elderberry, and zinc are known to all effectively support immunity. Our natural combination blends the most powerful ingredients to proactively support your immune system and activate your body’s natural immune response.

- Vitamin C, elderberry, and zinc are all high potency natural antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress. Antioxidants protect our cells from free radical damage, also providing an array of benefits such as supporting a healthy immune function and help maintain general health and wellbeing.

- We use high potency vitamin C and zinc, which both play an essential role in the body’s normal functioning. They help to maintain and support overall health and general wellbeing

- The powerful antioxidant combination of elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C helps support the skin and hair through the promotion of collagen formation, which diminishes as we age.

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These supplements are a low-maintenance addition to your hair care and/or daily routine that helps maintain healthy hair. [NOTE: something along these lines would be great, but whatever feels more on-brand with the creators' identity]

Brand Story

Our products define us and we want to improve your hair growth & health, naturally. Hair that you’re proud of deserves products that you’re proud to use -- and we give you everything you need to grow the healthiest hair possible. While this includes hair growth supplements, we also launched our heyhair+ wellness supplements that focus on helping with life situations that can lead to hair loss and just generally improve your overall well-being. What started as a way to just get some hair back has evolved into a journey to personal wellness - and we are still continuing this journey. At heyhair, we believe that everyone should look & feel like their best selves all the time, because when they do they grow in other ways. Our job is to make that journey easy and affordable.