Cerebral Beverages

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Cerebral Beverages



ShoutOut Campaign
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Cerebral Beverages


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What You Will Receive

For this ShoutOut campaign, you will receive a 4 Pack Influencer Kit with the four following flavors: Thrive Ice (light citrus) Alpha Punch (fruit punch) Victory Bliss (peach mango) Limitless Berry (mixed berry) *For this collaboration we request that you post your content on Instagram within 7 days of receiving the Breinfuel package.


Introducing a new generation of Cerebral Beverages that fuel the brain to respond with alertness, focus, and productivity. Breinfuel is a scientifically derived blend from coffee, teas, collagen, and antioxidants. Designed for the high-performer, a great day to drink Breinfuel would involve overcoming challenges, finishing what you start, and being the best version of yourself.

ShoutOut Requirements

Be authentic with your post and within your photos. Do what you love while showcasing your Breinfuel experience. Make sure to have a Breinfuel bottle with the front panel visible in the photo.

Please add our website link in your bio (www.breinfuel.com) for a week or so when you are ready to post your content.
If you have more than 10k followers please provide a swipe up link in your IG story to our website page.

-Be sure to post 1 IG story either unboxing or one of your other content photos
-Also 1 IG post on your feed
-Optional: If you have a TikTok, feel free to make a video and tag us on there @breinfuel and we will repost you:)

@breinfuel, @creatorco.community

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We would love for you to talk about…

How the product made you feel:
-No crash or jitters

What you did after drinking Breinfuel:
-Crushed a workout
-Studied/concentrated for a long time
-Set a new PR or achieved a personal goal

How you liked the flavor, packaging, or brand:
-Hype up the specific flavor
-Show off the bottle/box
-Promote any of our social content
-Unique pink liquid color

-Caffeine Done Right
-MCT’s / Keto
-Vitamin C
-Beetroot Powder

Please try to avoid…

-Bold and unprovable claims (healing, curing, etc)
-Calling it an energy drink - we prefer cerebral beverage :)
-“Healthiest” or other superlative statements
-Criticizing other products

Brand Story

By synchronizing low-glycemic and metabolic fuels, and extending the release of caffeine, the brain and body can be energized better than ever before. Breinfuel bridges the gap between health and energy, providing the best of both. It was formulated by an industry-leading pharmaceutical Chief Scientific Officer with a track record of disruptive innovations. Whether you need intense concentration, fortitude to power through ‘the wall’, or just need to be physically and mentally at the top of your game, Breinfuel is your secret weapon.

Breinfuel is the beverage that is built to scientifically optimize human performance. With it, the possibilities are limitless…