Bling Rhinestone Makeup Brushes

By: She’s A Beat Beauty
Retail Value: $65
ShoutOut Campaign
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Bling Rhinestone Makeup Brushes

By: She’s A Beat Beauty


ShoutOut Campaign
$65 Value
Instagram Reach 20000
Age Range 22 - 44
Beauty & Makeup Fashion & Style

Bling Rhinestone Makeup Brushes


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What You Will Receive

You would receive a 12 piece set of Bling Rhinestone Makeup Brushes. And also a 30 piece eyeshadow palette to help with creatives for the brushes.


Hi beauties we are looking to get our new makeup brushes some exposure. With this campaign depending on your audience reach we are willing to offer payment the larger the audience the more we may be willing to increase payment. We have an ambassador program that gives commission on sales and that is for everything that is purchased. These brushes are not only beautiful but of a great quality. Also a review MUST be left on website of product.

ShoutOut Requirements

We are looking for more of a video than a picture, we would like to have an in feed video (no reels please) showing the quality of the brushes and a little application of makeup foundation or eyeshadow with the brushes. But we are also open to ideas.


#makeupbrush, #makeupbrushset, #shesabeatbeauty, #creatorco

We are open to the creators ideas for the post, we want it to be natural and just want to make sure that our brand is tagged in the post along with coupon code that we provide for your audience.

Brand Story

Hi there I'm just a average girl just like you working hard to continue to be an entrepreneur. I have left corporate America for 3 years and loving every moment of it. Sometimes we doubt if we can make it on our own but I am proof that you can!

So why She's A Beat Beauty and the products that we offer, we are all looking for a great deal on what we buy and we understand that you are no different. We love to get a good deal on anything that we purchase and that is why we do our best to do the same for you.