Big Bear Wish Bundle

By: Baby Cres Limited
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Big Bear Wish Bundle

By: Baby Cres Limited


ShoutOut Campaign
$192 Value
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Parenting & Family

Big Bear Wish Bundle


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What You Will Receive

Creators will receive a copy of our first Canadian authored children's book, The Big Bear Wish. In addition to that, you will be getting your choice of one of the pictured Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags.


Baby Cres is a Canadian owned family business, based in Ontario, Canada. Even the best of parents need help, and our company was formed around this belief, therefore you'll find that many of the products sold on our website or products created by us are self-help products or items designed to make parenting easier. One of those products is The Big Bear Wish, our first children's book. In this book, Big Bear Wishes for a sibling, but gets two! Overtime, Big Bear has to learn how to be gentle and caring towards the twins, with the help of their parents of course. Parents who purchase the Big Bear Wish will be able to easily teach their older child how to be gentle with the younger one. Best of all, a percentage of the sales of The Big Bear Wish and any other product on our website is donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. Our business is designed around self-help and social good, which we take very seriously. But it doesn't end there. We want you to carry The Big Bear Wish everywhere you go, so we've added the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag wish is amazing when it comes neatly storing away books, bottles, clothes, baby food and more! Your followers on social media will be appreciative of the amazing products you introduce to them from Baby Cres. I am looking forward to building an amazing working relationship with you. Opt in today and lets begin!

ShoutOut Requirements

Video posts are preferred. I'd like the Creator to review both the diaper bag as well as The Big Bear Wish. In the video, however, Creator should do a reading of The Big Bear Wish to their child/children. This video will also be posted to our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube pages.

Picture posts should show the influencer and child/children with the products in the picture.

Here is a video of us reading the book to our own children: The Big Bear Wish - Read by the Authors

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I would like to allow creative freedom for caption descriptions. I'd only like the call to action to be specific. Letting your followers know that any purchase of The Big Bear Wish creates an automatic 20% off discount for the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag or any other product at

You will be provided with a unique link to use in your bio or swipe up in your stories to direct followers for 20% off any product with the purchase of our Big Bear Wish book.

Brand Story

We are a small family owned business, operating out of Toronto, Ontario. Baby Cres has been in operation of just under over year. We became very close to our customers, so from their stories, we realized that we could be doing much more for them. Our customers had extreme difficulties finding products for specific occasions, like birth, potty training milestones and road trips. We brainstormed and put ideas together. This gave way to our bundle packages, where we created heavily discounted bundles for specific occasions. At the moment, we offer the following bundle packages: Hospital Bag Bundle to ensure you have all you need while getting ready to welcome your child Potty Training Bundle to help parents potty train their child Training bundle that includes to potty training bundle and training bikes But it doesn't end there. We have tons of amazing products from top brands ranging from trikes, bassinets, clothes, shoes and more that our customers are customers continue to rave over.