Unique Card Deck

By: Basecamp Cards Co.
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Unique Card Deck

By: Basecamp Cards Co.


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$28 Value
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Unique Card Deck


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What You Will Receive

Content Creators will receive 2 unique decks of playing cards with the goal of creating the ultimate conversations. Whether you're around the campfire or the cribbage board, these cards will help guide your game time to the best stories! The diverse range of questions were made with good friends in mind, and I wanted to explore the prompts that led up to the most legendary stories! *We request that you please post your content within 2 weeks of receiving the product.


Hello! Thanks so much for considering Basecamp Cards! Basecamp cards are unique decks of playing cards with questions to get to know people on a deeper level. Originally I created the cards while I was on a backpacking trip and realized how many awesome stories people had to tell. I wanted to create a game that was universal but also helped people have better conversations. The cards provide prompts so you can really dig deeper with friends or just throw them in your pack or beach bag and play them as regular cards. I'm just starting to get my Instagram feed running again and I am not a great photographer/ social guru so I would LOVE to get some help from Creators who are so much better than me at it!

ShoutOut Requirements

I would love for the photos to be out door themed. My branding is more "Base camp" focused. I would like the cards to be featured in the pictures but they don't have to be front and centre. It could be a group of people playing them or even on the coffee table, by backpack etc. just so it feels more genuine. I'd like the colours to be kind of vibrant and the definition to be nice and clear :) My current Instagram feed can give a bit more reference.

@basecampcardco, @creatorco.community

#Basecampcards, #onetreeplanted, #creatorsplanttrees

I would love you to do whatever you want for a caption here! Totally up to you and your account brand etc. You could answer one of the questions or do ANYTHING! Thanks so much! I know how hard captions can be.

Brand Story

Nice to meet you! My name is Maya and I'm the founder of Basecamp Cards. Basecamp Card Co. is a young company based out of Kelowna BC Canada that was started as a high-school project. I had been doing a week-long backpacking trip in the Canadian Rockies and whenever we'd get to Basecamp, we would break out the deck of cards. I realized how many awesome stories were out there if the right questions were asked. Playing a game of cards is a universally fun way to kick back with friends and I wanted to add even more versatility to the classic experience.
I'm now a university student on Vancouver Island, and Basecamp cards have provided so many incredible, hilarious and emotional memories for me thus far! Whether it's been seeing them used by a friend to propose to his dream girl ( She said yes! ), or hearing about a northern worker punching a polar bear that snuck into his tent, Basecamp Cards are sure to create great memories and lasting friendships.
I'm so excited to hear more stories from your adventures and hope the cards can bring you a ton of fun times ahead!- Maya Gay