Analemma – Magic Water Wand

By: New Earth Technologies
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Analemma – Magic Water Wand

By: New Earth Technologies


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$180 Value
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Analemma – Magic Water Wand


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We are looking for Medical Professionals to try and promote this product. You will receive one Analemma - Magic Water Wand that will revitalize all aspects of health, mind, and spirit connection. In addition, you will receive a payment based on your rates!


Analemma Water - Extraordinary rejuvenation of body and mind. Analemma is a revolutionary new device that transforms the state of drinking water. It rearranges H2O molecules in water into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure has an amazing influence on all living things. For our latest study we chose GlycanAge- the most accurate independent health and wellness test available. GlycanAge test accurately determines the biological age of any person. It tells you how old you actually are, how well you’ve aged through the years you lived.
The results of the study were extraordinary, almost every single person in the study experienced an incredible rejuvenation, a 1 to 12 years of biological age revitalization within only three months of drinking the water.

This water is a blessing.
It revives, realigns, and regenerates on the level of body, mind, and spirit.

ShoutOut Requirements

Please make the video in your own original way so that the audience gets a sense of what coherent water is, and what the benefits of using Analemma daily are. We are looking for a nice and natural video giving your genuine opinion of the product.

Although this is an international campaign, we kindly ask that you keep the captions in English. Please include a story with a swipe up using your unique discount code for 10% off at


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Be creative, professional, and genuine! Here is a script to take inspiration from:

I would like to introduce you to something truly revolutionary. This product will change how you perceive water. Water is meant to do much more than we previously believed. This product is Analemma. Analemma is a device that changes the state of water. It is a tool that transforms regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. In regular tap water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Analemma radically changes the state of water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure, and its stability, have a remarkable influence on all living things.

When consumed regularly, Analemma water regenerates, revitalizes, and rejuvenates your entire body and mind. If you water plants with it, it will restore and revive them. Whichever biological system you apply this water to, it will have a rejuvenating effect on the system, it's that powerful.

Everyone alive should be drinking this water, it's as simple as that.

The revolutionary science behind Analemma represents the quantum leap in understanding what water - the right kind of water - can do for the health and wellness of all living beings on the planet.

Your body will be thankful.
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